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Customer Reviews

Some of our 2012 reviews before we transitioned to Google, Homestars, Baeumler Approved Etc..

Mold Removal Attic

By far the very best contractor I have ever worked with. Ross was extremely helpful, patient, answered all my questions in layman’s terms so I could understand him. All work completed on time and to my complete satisfaction..thanks Ross– Joe Bimblich from Richmond Hill | Dec 08, 2012

Mold Removal from Cold Room & Basement

We recently hired Ross and his MoldServices.ca crew to do a job that was overdue. We knew we had mold in our cold room / walk out on the back of our house, and realized that water had seeped into a few spots in the hallway that connects our main basement room to the cold room. Beyond that, we weren’t sure how large or small a job we were looking at, and were of course concerned about related costs. The house was built around 1910 and renovated before we bought it, but not terribly well, so we didn’t know what might be found. Of the people and companies we had out to assess the problem and give a quote, Ross was the most specific and helpful. He took the time to answer many related questions, and provided what we felt was a fair quote. He and his team arrived exactly at the stated time to do the work, did exactly what they’d said they would, and answered all questions with patience. They put in a long day (8am-6pm), brought in air scrubbers, and used natural (ie. non-chemical) and effective products to get the job done. When we saw the time and work involved, we felt even more satisfied both with the job and the price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and would definitely hire them again if we run in to more mold in future. Thanks guys!– Denise Benson from Toronto | Dec 04, 2012

Attic Mold Assessment

Ross came by for a service call to assess my attic for mold. I had several other companies in to look at it and it sounded quite dire. Ross took the time to explain to me what was causing the issue, how serious it really was (it wasn’t) and overall was very honest, even though he could have totally played it up as his competitors did. The fact that he is a home inspector gave me a lot of comfort in his recco In the end, Ross saved me considerable angst and money and we will definitely be using him in the future.– David in York | Nov 29, 2012

Mould Removal in Basement

While preparing an exercise corner, we discovered mould in our basement. We called Moldservices.ca Inc. and within 2 days Ross and his team were at the house taking care of the problem. The whole team were very professional, hard working, competent and friendly. Moldservices.ca went above and beyond when I asked them to do some additional work and they did it no questions asked. Ross is always smiling and he came and inspected his team’s work to ensure our satisfaction. I highly recommend this company. This is the only company you should call if you have a mould problem. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Well done. – Paula Olson from Mississauga | Nov 28, 2012

Mold Removal and Detection

While working on small basement leak, we discovered a big mold problem. We stopped everything and called MoldServices.ca. Understanding our distress, Ross came to our house on a Saturday evening (with less than 3 hours notice!). He quickly assessed the situation, told us right away about the type of mold, the health precautions to take and the scale of the problem. It was clear that Ross knew what he was talking about and his years of expertise were obvious. He also had a great sense of humor about the whole thing – which I think is key in situations like this. When he and his crew returned a few days later to do the work, they were there exactly on time, totally detail oriented and worked really really hard for a full day….and for the amount that we paid, I’d say it was above and beyond!. They came back on a Sunday morning (amazing!) to check in with us and the work, to reassure us that the problem was solved and to make sure we were happy. We feel 150% confident. Call these people now, the folks at MoldServices.ca. are the best this city has to offer!! – Deirdre Logue from Vaughan | Nov 25, 2012

Mold Remediation in Attic

While getting a quote for new insulation in the attic we were told that we had a serious mold problem in the attic. After a few very expensive quotes with lots of added extras, Ross came and gave a reasonable quote, came and did the work promptly without any fuss or unnecessary extras. We were very pleased with the service. – Toronto Bigmac | Nov 25, 2012

Mold Detection

Ross came by our place the afternoon after I first called the company. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and put all my fears aside. I had a small bit of mold behind my basement bathroom baseboard (which Ross cleaned for me) and he even helped with my “moldy” smelling washing machine! He didn’t waste my time with expensive tests, and other pricey suggestions. Thanks Ross for your help, you put this Mom’s fears at rest! – Krystal Dicsh from Brampton | Nov 22, 2012

Mold Removal

Ross and his team were wonderful. During Ross’ initial inspection of our basement, he was so knowledgeable, reasonable (didn’t come in there to just scare us about mold being present), explained the situation clearly, calmly and offered solutions that would work best. We were in good hands. His pricing is definitely reasonable and very fair. His team came in and were wonderful. They took care to cover up our projector to protect it, carefully moved things that would be in the way, and efficiently, safely, & effectively removed the basement carpets and treated the area to rid it of mold. They cleaned up everything, painted areas that had been scraped, and were so respectful in how they treated our home. I would highly recommend Ross and his team!! Great price, skilled, and reliable! – Pamela Kennedy in Toronto | Nov 20, 2012

Mold Removal in an Attic

The building inspector found some mold in the attic of a home we were selling. We called Ross, who showed up quickly, assessed the situation and resolved it – all within about 48 hours. The buyers were satisfied and the real estate transaction went through. Great service. Would highly recommend.– Warren in Oakville | Nov 19, 2012

Mold Remediation

We intend to sell the house, had it inspected by a third party. Report indicated slight elevation of mold spores in the house. We got 4 estimates to have the remediation work done. Ross was the 5th and we went with his company because: 1) his assessment of the severity was truthful 2) His approach to the required remediation was professional 3) he made certain that we understood what needed to be done and how he would proceed. His team was competent and from what I was able to see quite through. We had the house re-tested and the results were good. the problem had been dealt with correctly and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend his services.– Rocco from Toronto | Nov 09, 2012

Mold Inspection

Ross came to our home promptly and was very thorough in inspecting our home and advising us what to do for preventative maintenance. He is a solutions and customer oriented person whom I would very much recommend to others.– SR from Toronto | Nov 04, 2012

Mold Removal

I had Ross from MoldServices.ca fix a mold issue in my cold storage. He and his crew were professional, courteous, and got our job finished sooner than originally quoted.– Eli in North York | Oct 31, 2012

Mold Removal in the Basement

I got 3 quotes from different companies. Ross came over and answered all my questions and gave me a competitive quote. He and is crew came and did all the work described on the estimate. I’m very happy with the work they did and they were a pleasure to deal with. Honest and reliable. Goodbye mold!– Suzanne from Toronto | Oct 31, 2012

Mold Detection and Remediation Services

I called Ross after hours in for a client, he was prompt, knowledgeable, reliable and provided a solution with honesty and integrity. He thoroughly inspected the property-inside and out. I will definitely use Ross in the future.– Susan McHardy from Toronto | Oct 31, 2012

Mold Inspection

We called Moldservices.ca to look at a potential mold issue for a property we were selling. The customer service team was very friendly and accommodating and were able to book us the very next morning. For the inspection, Ross came by and was very efficient and helpful during the inspection. Thankfully there were no serious mold issues and we were very grateful for their help!– Colleen from Toronto | Oct 30, 2012

Inspection for Mold

I am a Real Estate Sales professional and this is the second time I have called Ross Sullivan to inspect a property and check for Mold. I would highly recommend MoldServices.ca and Ross Sullivan to anyone. Ross was thoroughly efficient and was amazing with my clients (the homeowners). He was polite and did not alarm them with regard to the presence of Mold in their home. I can honestly say that Ross is an absolute professional and I will continue to recommend him and his services to anyone.– Sue Phillips in Newmarket | Oct 30, 2012

Mold Inspection

We cannot praise Ross from Moldservices.ca enough. We contacted him whilst out of country on a possible mold issue in our home. Within 3 days he was at our home inspecting in fine detail every inch of our home. He kept us well informed ( even emails near midnight his time! ) he expedited all air samples for us. We loved most about this company was the honesty and how methodical he was in his investigations..Within 48 hours we had a detailed report from him. Much to our relief our home is 100% mold free! He was so professional and exceptionally well priced. Thank you so much Ross! 10/10 for your wonderful company!!!!! I do not hesitate to recommend your professional company.– Gill Bradfield from Toronto | Oct 18, 2012

Mold Inspection

I contacted MoldServices.ca and spoke with a very helpful woman. She was very well informed as to mold and their services. She heard me out, asked questions and then scheduled Ross to come out for the inspection. Ross came the next day and was extremely professional. He knew right where to look and found mold that I did not even know was there. He took pictures and humidity readings within the walls. Ross was very patient with my questions and explained everything thoroughly. He produced a professional detailed report and even asked if I had any further questions after the report was complete. I am very happy that I found MoldServices.ca! I will call them again if I ever need help with mold again and I will recommend them to all of my friends.– Margaret Mudrie from Toronto | Sep 29, 2012

Concern of Mold

I saw some what I thought to be mold in my basement, and got lots of condensation on my windows so I called these guys. The lady on the phone was very helpfull and friendly she put me at ease and I had an appointment booked in no time. They arrived on time and did a really good in depth inspection, Ross put my mind at ease in no time, thankfully I had nothing to worry about. I would recommend these guys to any one that had concerns about mold in their home.– Karen from Toronto | Sep 28, 2012

Mold Removal

I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Ross and the mold removal from our house. We initially thought we had a small mold problem on the interior walls of our basement with a concern that there could be more mold on two exterior walls. Ross quoted us for what we thought was a small job. After removing some of the drywall, it turned out our entire basement was full of mold. Ross provided me with several updates throughout the day, each time I was worried about the costs. Ross assured me the price would stay as quoted and we had his services for the day. Ross ended up removing our carpet, all baseboards, majority of the drywall and insulation at the original quoted price. Ross was punctual and worked late into the evening to finish the job. The result was a clean mold-free basement! I highly recommend Moldservices.ca. Thanks Ross!– Andi from Toronto | Sep 25, 2012

Mold Analysis and Remediation

I have had the honour of working with with Ross twice in the last month as I am realtor and we run into “mold issues” and air quality reports more and more these days. In the first instance my vendors house showed mold in the basement and other areas based on an air quality report interpreted by another company. I called Ross and asked him to look at the report and provide feedback as well as come out an have a look at the problem. When Ross says they take the “mystery out of mold” he is correct. The problem which was initially quoted at 5000.00 plus by another, was idenified by Ross as a small amount of mold in the cold room and the other readings had not been taken effectively. For less than 1,000 dollars, Ross cleaned up the problem and provided new (proper) air quality reports and the buyer was satisfied and my vendor sold their house. 3 weeks later my own house which was on the market was the subject an air quality report. When it came back, the buyer (another realtor) panicked saying there was a mold problem that according to his mold specialists, would cost 5 to 15,000. to repair. Thanks to Ross who had taught me how to read these reports a little better, I saw that there were no counts that were of concern. I asked Ross to call the other realtor and speak with him. Ross did this on a Friday night while he was at the cottage on his first day off in months. When explained in a truthful and forthright fashion the buyer was satisfied with the report (which was an excellent one) and he said he will now use Ross for all of his mold issues. I have learned there are a lot of people who will just take your money if you let them and tell you terrible things to scare you out of your dollars. Ross is one of the most honest, truthful, and fair professionals in this business. He is prompt and goes the extra mile. When in doubt about mold please call him. You will be doing yourself a favor. Thank you Ross for helping to take the mystery out of mold.– Sue McArthur in Bolton | Sep 24, 2012

Attic Mold Removal

Ross did a great job removing the mold in our attic back in June. Before choosing Ross, of course shopped around and got some outrageous quotes. The big difference with Ross was that he didn’t give us a story saying that the sky was falling and instead provided a more level headed analysis of our situation so I didn’t sense that he wanted to gouge my wallet. In fact he even said that it was not serious and in his opinion did not require immediate attention due to it’s low risk state but since we were going to reinsulate our attic we felt that it needed to be dealt with. Before attacking the mold I had to remove debris from the attic and Ross was of great assistance. There was quite a bit of junk to dispose of but Ross was awesome in taking it all to the dump for me so big thanks to Ross for this. He even provided me all the necessary gear to wear to get the job done. Apart from his excellent service he has a fun and easy going personality but professional as well. Would highly recommend, thanks Ross!– Christopher O. From Toronto | Aug 27, 2012

Mold Removal

We recently sold our home and the home inspection included an air quality test that showed evidence of mold in the cold cellar under our front porch. We had to take care of it before the deal could go through so it was a very important and stressful situation. We contacted Ross at MoldServices.ca and it turned out to be the best call we could have made. Ross showed up the next day as promised – and inspected the situation. He determined that the small amount of mold on the ceiling of the cold room was the result of the original builder not having removed the wood framing used to pour the front porch when the home was built in 1989. Over the years the dampness in the cold cellar resulted in a small amount of mold growing. He made it clear that the situation was not so serious and that he could fix it quickly. Ross came out on a Saturday afternoon, removed the framing, painted the room with a mold-killing solution, and ran an air scrubber for 24 hours. He returned the next day (Sunday) and performed an air quality test – then rushed the results so that we had them within 24 hours – and our home passed the test easily. The house deal closed that same night. I cannot overemphasize how pleased we were with Ross’s service from beginning to end. He was fast, informative,professional and very friendly – and he performed the work for a very reasonable price – much less than we anticipated. I would recommend his services to anyone.– Brian S, in Bolton | Aug 26, 2012

Basement Water Damage and Mold Removal

Honest, respectful, understanding and truly a company that takes pride on their work. Ms. Kay took the time to explain to me the things they are going to do to our basement and with the follow-up assurance from Mr. Ross a job well done! The price we paid was well worth it and they worked on our problem so fast. From the time they started to the time they finished, we never even feel that someone was working on our house. I will recommend your company anytime, anywhere to anyone! To the moldservices.ca staff and crews, thank you, thank you, thank you!– Caroline in Scarborough | Aug 19, 2012

Basement Mold Inspection

We were in the process of selling our house and wanted a professional/expert assessment on the discoloration of some basement insulation, which could have easily been mistaken for mold by a less qualify person and thus, jeopardizing the deal/selling price, based on the buyer’s home inspection. Ross from MoldServices.ca showed up at our house for the inspection. I was very impressed with his expertise on the subject and his explanation on the findings. He inspected the basement and the exterior foundation thoroughly for any problems with moisture/water intrusion and indication of mold. Fortunately, the house was in relatively good shape and I had mistaken some dirty vapor barrier and insulation, due to a leaky sill gasket, as potentially mold. His confirmation and the follow up inspection report put us at ease with the current state of our house. Although MoldService.ca does charge for their inspection ($150) in the event mold was not found and their Remediation Services is not required, it was worth spending the money for their expertise and to certify the property professionally. MoldServices.ca was actually our second inspection as a second opinion. The first inspection by a competitor told us we had mold (via their free inspection service). They provided an estimate at $1000+ for their Remediation and Treatment Services. The construction cost to replace/reinstall the insulation would cost extra. All in all I am very happy with the outcome and I will use MoldServices.ca again for the next house.– Mike in Markham | Aug 14, 2012

Inspection of Mold and Mold Removal Services

Every home owners dream is to contract any work out to efficient and honest contractors and Ross at Mold Srevices certainly fits this bill to 100%. Ross came recomended from our home inspector and we are very pleased that Ross was recomended and that we had the fortune to use him. His work, his attitude, his honesty, his insight, his recomendations are just at the top against any contractor I had previously dealt with. I would recomend Ross to anyone and even did that so that shows how confident I felt with Ross and his work. He is even a really nice guy, I enjoyed meeting him and dealing with him and he even liked my yippy dog. He could have stayed all day I and I wouldn’t have monded where a lot of contractors you can’t wait for them to leave. I want and hope this is the best recomendation possible as in my books he is 15 stars out of 10, not just a 10 out of 10. Thanks again Ross and if there is any need to require your services again I will most certainly not hesitate to contact you.– Gary Tulk in Aurora | Aug 11, 2012

Mold Clean Up & Removal

Ross from Mold Services showed up at our house to do the initial assessment and found an inordinate amount of mold on both the main and second floors. He was very knowledgeable, explaining the options and allaying my concerns especially since my elderly mother also lives there. I was impressed by the quick turnaround time in their returning to get the job done. Ross and his colleagues were very considerate and careful with the furniture and broadloom in our home. They got rid of the mold and used natural products in the process which was a pleasant surprise. I would highly recommend Ross and his team for their expertise, friendly customer service and fair and reasonable prices. Thanks for all of your help!– Kim in Toronto | Aug 08, 2012

Mold in my Basement

Ross at MoldServices.ca, there is no one else! I had a mold problem in my basement so after looking around for quotes I finally came across MoldServices.ca. In doing my research I found his price to be the best and their service was excellent. Ross and his crew were very friendly and always had a smile on their faces. Ross is very knowledgeable and when explaining the procedures he broke it all down so that I could understand ( knowing nothing about mold). Ross and his crew go rid of my problem. They left their work area spotless I didn’t even know that they were there. I will be definitely be recommending his services to everyone I know. Thanks Ross and MoldServices.ca– Mike in Brampton | Jul 31, 2012

Mold Removal in the Bathroom

Dear Mr. Sullivan, I want to thank MoldServices.ca for all your help. You all did a great job with our bathrooms. The mold removal, fan and roof vent installation were done very professionally. I highly recommend your services.– Husain in Scarborough | Jul 31, 2012

Attic Mold Removal

We had mold in our attic and the problem weighed us down because of the estimated cost and the recommendation of the inspectors that came to see our attic. Then Ross from MoldServices.ca came to inspect, evaluate and explained the common sense behind the attic mold. I wasn’t selling the house so I had not a lot of money to budget for attic mold remediation. Ross gave us a very very reasonable option and quotation and did the good job with no additional cost. Before you pay a lot of money to clear the mold in your attic, I will recommend you call MoldServices.ca they were doing the inspection for free. – Lanre in Markham | Jul 21, 2012

Mold Remediation

Bought a house and found mold in the attic after inspection. After calling about 20 different places for quotes, I was still unsatisfied with the price (ranged from $2,600-$10,000…Yes that’s right, one quote was $10,000) and the “gut” feeling of the “competition” being able to perform the job successfully and professionally. I gave the calls another shot and found MoldServices.ca and after reviewing their website, I felt confident that I wanted them to inspect. The inspector they sent is not only a Certified Home Inspector, he was also a Certified Mold Specialist and Mold Remediator. I finally got a good feeling. These guys are friendly, professional, time considerate, and eco-friendly. I highly recommend their services to anyone that is looking for cost-effective, professional Mold Remediation.– Daniel in Keswick | Jul 16, 2012

Mold Inspection in the Bedroom

Hi Ross, You came to our home a few weeks ago to treat the mold in my bedroom. I just wanted to thank you for your work. I was impressed by the fact that you used natural products to remove the mold as I am sensitive to chemicals. I was also impressed by how quickly you did it. I will be recommending you to both my friends and family. The company I work for provides services to seniors and has a home maintenance program and I will ask the manager of that program to keep you as a contact for clients with mold issues, as long as that is alright with you.– Pawan in Toronto | Jul 01, 2012

Basement Mold Inspection

I wanted to thank you so much for the consultation you gave us on our home. After contacting half a dozen mold inspection services, I went with you based on your knowledge, friendliness and honesty over the phone with me. It helped tremendously being able to speak with the person that I was actually going to meet. You arrived punctually and spent a great deal of time inspecting my house. At no time did I ever feel that you were in a hurry, and further that you were looking to sell me other services. The consultation you gave me was thorough and eye opening. I know that when it comes time to actually clean up the mold problem, that your service will be the one we use.– Mark in Toronto | June 30, 2012

Mold Remediation

I cannot recommend Ross Sullivan highly enough – he is the “Mike Holmes” of mold remediation! I had a few people in from other companies to quote on the problem (a leaky pipe and mold build-up between two walls), but none of them inspired the confidence that Ross did. Not only did he check beyond just the area I could see was moldy, he was the only one who brought a device to test for hidden moisture. The mold remediation work was carried out skillfully and professionally, and the complete containment of the work site caused minimum disruption to the household. This is where Ross’s experience really came to the fore, as he was able to save the wall that had tile and kitchen cabinets on it, saving me thousands of dollars in repair work. Additionally, his price was very reasonable, and everything was on budget, and on time. I couldn’t be happier with the work Ross provided!– V. Fullard in Etobicoke | June 21, 2012

Mold Removal in the Attic

Hi Ross, just a short note to thank you for the wonderful service you provided. Your timeliness, professional work ethic and positive attitude exceeded our expectations. Your responsiveness, customer service and your ability to answer all our questions were greatly appreciated. You solved our situation and explained the procedures thoroughly. Thank you for your efforts and also the detailed resolution reports and prevention tips. We would highly recommend you to anyone who require your professional services.– Jerry in Markham | June 10, 2012

Attic Mold Removal

“Ross and Moldservices.ca folks, we would like to thank you for the good service and quality provided to us with our mold problem in our attic.You promptly answered our request, and gave us a fair price to fix our issue. We strongly recommend your services”– Atila in Scarborough | June 08, 2012

Mold Removal in the Attic

When I sold my home attic mold was discovered by the buyer’s inspector. Not only was I in shock but in disbelief. Mold was my biggest allergy and I didn’t have a problem living in the house so I had to find an expert I could trust to first confirm it, and then tell me how to fix it so I could close the sale and move on with my life. I spent evenings browsing the web and days calling numerous companies and getting quotes all over the map. Luckily I came across MoldServices.ca web site and decided to believe the customer testimonials and make an appointment to meet with Ross. Skeptical but for some reason when Ross inspected my roof and explained it all to me I was then able to understand what the problem was and how he was going to neutralize it. For the first time in days I could relax and know I was in good hands with not only an honest person, but one who I could trust to get the job done right and to my surprise he was one of the lowest priced companies out there. Let me assure you, I rarely or ever give a recommendation letter to anyone, today I can tell you that not only do I highly recommend Ross Sullivan, and MoldServices.ca on his website, but I made him give me a number of his cards so that when asked I can give friends and family a company I am confident in.– CDNolan | June 01, 2012

Mold Removal and Remediation

Ross is the most honest man in the business. Moldservices.ca was my second opinion and i didn’t feel like was getting ripped off in the process Like the other guys.. I am extremely pleased with the outcome, cleanliness and absolute care and respect he took of my house and my belongings. i don’t like people coming over my house but Ross is welcomed any time. I Highly recommend him and will recommend him to all of my peers. Thanks again for the amazing work– Mickey in Toronto | May 31, 2012

Mold Removal in the Attic

Thank you so much for the fantastic customer service. Removing the mold found in the attic was part of the condition to selling my home and Ross ensured this was done promptly and with great care. His quote was also lower than another competitor. Ross arrived on time and completed the work as promised. He is very knowledgeable, honest and professional. I would highly recommend Moldservices.ca.– Lilia in Toronto | May 30, 2012

Attic Mold Removal

Ross from MoldServices.ca was a pleasure to deal with he is honest, knowledgeable and efficient. He cleared the mold in my attic and corrected the insulation to allow for more efficient air flow. His prices are very reasonable for the work required and was flexible with his work hours to accommodate my schedule. I would definitely recommend him to others who require mold remediation services. Thank you for your excellent work!– Alex in Scarborough | May 16, 2012

Attic Mold Inspection

Hello Ross, I wanted to thank you for the great service provided. It was great to be able to get a quick appointment. You took the time to answer any questions or concerns that I had regarding causes and prevention of mold. You took care of the problem…and explained the procedure every step of the way. Thank you for the detailed report….it was helpful in providing information such as problem areas…steps taken to resolve the issue…and prevention tips. Great service. I give you an A+ ! I would definitely recommend you!– Daniela in Newmarket | May 14, 2012

Mold Inspection

Ross is an extremely driven, professional individual and his knowledge of the mold business was a definite asset for me and my family while being counseled by Ross at MoldServices.ca. While in the process of purchasing our home we contacted Ross who inspected our home from top to bottom and our home was given a clean bill of health, along with several recommendations to avoid mold problems in the future. His prompt, courteous service was a definite plus, and even more importantly his concern for my families well being. Ross has always gone the extra mile and there was no exception when I contacted him about 2 incidents where co-workers were having mold problems, one individual was very much in denial and Ross delicately offered his suggestions and possible solutions which included an air quality test. The second individual was more than relieved with his prognosis and thanked me profusely for Ross’s recommendation. I highly recommend Ross at MoldServices.ca for anyone with a suspected mold problem, knowing that Ross and his team will provide excellent customer service as well as satisfaction.– Cora in Whitby | Apr 12, 2012

Mold Removal Consultation

Ross has been very helpful. He gave me some simple tips to help out with an issue I had in my condo bathroom, and they worked very well. Very knowledgeable and efficient – offers straight-up solutions. Would definitely recommend.– Rob in North York | Apr 06, 2012

Asbestos Testing & Mold Inspection

After getting burned by another company, Ross at MoldServices.ca came in and had our vermiculite insulation tested for asbestos. He took all the proper safety precautions to protect himself and my family. Thankfully, the asbestos test came back negative. He also thoroughly inspected the house to make sure there wasn’t any mold lingering and he found none. Ross genuinely cares about his customers’ well being and is honest and trustworthy. His pricing is very reasonable and I will definitely recommend MoldServices.ca to anyone who is in need of the services which they provide.– Kristin in Toronto | Mar 27, 2012

Mold Removal from Attic

Job well done!!! Lowest quote I received from any mold removal company. No need to change attic insulation. Gave some good tips to ensure that mold does not return. Ross came in and within 2 days took care of the mold. Difference in my attic before and after looks incredible. Would definitely recommend.– Tushar in Etobicoke | Mar 23, 2012

Mold Removal

My name is Michael and I am writing to inform you of the excellent service I received while going through a horrific mould crisis at my rental property in Brampton by Mold Services Inc. I was referred to the company via word of mouth after a co-worker overheard my dilemma. To my amazement the receptionist Kay was very empathetic and worked diligently to arrange for their top specialist to assess my property after I went over what another mold company was informing and quoting me. In less than 24 hours I was greeted by Ross Sullivan of MoldServices.ca Inc. who saved me from a major crisis and in recognition of this I am writing this to acknowledge his efforts and excellent service. Not only did he take the time to educate and reassure me that this was well within his expertise to remediate but he also provided me with a list of precautionary and preventative methods for the future. Ross was very knowledgeable and helpful in assessing my property from top (my attic) to bottom and indicated fundamental signs to be aware of to sooner pick up on what could potentially be another nightmare. Working in the customer service sector myself, I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and service. He was very knowledgeable with all his products, was an efficient worker and was not at all a pushy or condescending. Ross was very patient with me and the predicament I was in and my decision making as I was overwhelmed at one point with having mold in the first place. His efforts definitely will not go unnoticed and I would not hesitate to recommend his company and specifically, Him, to any other of my friends and acquaintances alike who are ever in need of a great mold expert. I paid for one company to do air samples, who then referred me to another company whose suggestion was to cut out segments of my newly renovated hardwood flooring and drywall and at a cost that makes me shudder to think about to this day and would have left me with holes in my floor and walls, literally. MoldServices.ca provided me with both at half the cost and in a timely fashion and didn’t take advantage of my ignorance like so many other companies would have and attempted to. I was hesitant at first to make any decision because of all the competition and mixed information I received out there, but Ross was very personable and understood my needs and I am very proud of the investment I made by taking him up on his services. My hope is that MoldServices.ca Inc and Ross’ efforts and level of excellent service will not go unnoticed, and I would like to say many thanks again and I am forever grateful for all you have done.– Michael in Brampton | Mar 08, 2012

Dear Ross,
Thank you for the fast, efficient service you provided for us. You went the extra mile to make sure that we will be ready to get back the hot water into our house.
You gave me the best quote, too. I will be recommending your services whenever I know somebody is in need.
thank you again and and I wish you all the best!
Yours truly
Emese – Toronto

“Having the mould in the attic of my house removed by Ross was surprisingly easy. His quote was clear and very reasonable, and he was very flexible in scheduling the time to accommodate my work schedule.
Ross arrived on-time and completed the job exactly as it was discussed upfront. Upon completion, Ross gave me a very clearly written certificate describing what was done. I was very pleased with everything and would gladly recommend Ross as a reliable and knowledgeable contractor”.
– Leo L. – North York

“Ross was extremely professional and informative. He explained the issue well and also provided appropriate solutions. I had my house and my parent’s house inspected. Both times Ross was on time, efficient and helpful. Great service. Definitely recommended!
– Preet in Mississauga

“Ross , I just wanted to say once again how satisfied we are with both your company’s products and the professional level of service you provided recently at our home. Your prompt and accurate assessment of our mold removal requirements enabled us to save thousands of dollars during the removal and recovery process. The work was done fast and efficiently and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who requires cost effective and superior mold removal. Job well done !!! Thank you,
– James R. – Unionville

“Ross was very professional and knowledgeable. I was given quotes and different variations as to how the mould will be removed in my condo. Ross was honest which saved me lot of grief and money. His work was very clean. I would definitely recommend Ross for his prompt efficient service to my family and friends. Ross, once again thank you for being honest!
– Anice Sajan, North York

“Ross visited our home to advise on our mold problem in the closet and walls. He wasextremely knowledgeable, honest and helpful. He explained the situation and how it needed to be handled. He saved us a lot of money and grief through astressful situation. We are impressed with his honesty and his continued support. Thank you Ross for your honesty and professionalism.”
– Patricia, Mississauga