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4 Tips That Will Keep You From Buying Or Moving Into A House With Mold


4 Tips That Will Keep You From Buying Or Moving Into A House With Mold

Last Updated on October 31, 2015

The prospect of moving into a new home usually entices, especially if it is better than your old one. Mold, however, is a serious problem that may make this prospect more stressful than it really has to be. In order to commit to a house that is free from mold, here are four impressively simple things that you should pay attention to. Usually, a home inspector should be able to point some warning signs out for you and even include them in their report, but they are not mold experts and can thus not be blamed for some of the overlooked and yet obvious signs.

Discolored walls

There may be a lot of possible explanations for discoloration on the walls, but if you look closely, you may find that there are things growing on that wall. If not, the discoloration could be related to water. In either case, you have had sufficient warning that the house either had molds or will be developing molds soon. Molds usually grow on the walls and they cause discoloration. One of the reasons for their existence is actually water on those walls. This means that when you see discoloration on the walls, you need to start paying more attention to that property and you just might find the rest of the warning signs.

A leak in the roof


This is something that a lot of people take for granted. A leak in the roof means that the house needs a new roof. That’s okay. It is also understandable that you would be willing to fix that roof. But you need to ask yourself how long the roof has been leaking. A prolonged exposure to water means that the house has been the perfect location for the molds to grow. This means that while you will fix the roof, you will be buying a house that already has a mold. It is generally more advisable to simply avoid houses where there are leaks in the roof or burst pipes anywhere indoors. No matter how cheap it may be to fix the problem, the fact that that problem is there triples the probability for the existence of molds.

The basement smells funny

If you are looking to buy a house, you are probably interested in what the basement looks like too. When you go to check it out, make sure to go into the basement just to know how it smells like. Some basements are generally stuffy, probably because of a limited air supply or congestion in terms of clutter. However, other basements smell really weird and it is difficult to be there for a whole minute without feeling suffocated. If you are checking out a house and you can’t breathe while in the basement, you need to leave. A funny smelling basement is usually one of the most obvious signs that a house has the molds. This is because the basement usually has all the required conditions for the development of molds, and it could be the first place to be devoured by these destructive fungi.

Breathing discomfort or allergies

If you start experiencing some discomfort while breathing when in a house, you may want to reconsider your decision of buying it. Molds generally cause allergic reactions in some people and if you are one of them, you should probably count this as a blessing. At this point, the mold is probably so bad that remediation would cost a fortune.

Avoiding a house that has molds is actually a good idea considering how badly molds can affect you. If you really like the house, however, you can consider calling a Toronto mold removal contractor to assess the situation and prescribe a lasting solution so that you can move in and enjoy your new home safely.