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Bedroom Mold

Mold growth on baseboards

Bedroom Mold

Last Updated on November 12, 2012

I’m surprised at the number of calls we’re getting for bedroom mold in June & July. Typically most of these calls are surface mold, mold growing on paint and dust, always behind a mattress, dresser or side table that hasn’t been moved for quite some time. I’m surprised because most of these bedroom mold calls happen in the spring after a good cold winter. I was in a home today that just had tenants move out and they found the mold had eaten away parts of the walls in the bedroom.

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How many of us change our bedrooms around once we’re content with the way they look?

Reasons for Surface Mold

  • Failing to use bathroom fans long enough (30mins after a shower)
  • Lack of wall insulation
  • Large amounts of dust or debris in corners or behind furniture
  • High household temperatures
  • Cooking without the exhaust fan running

Have a look in your bedrooms when you have a chance, small amounts of mold can be washed with soap and water and the wall repainted with a good mold and mildew resistant paint with a 5yr. Warranty against mold & mildew growth.

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For large amounts of mold I suggest you call a Mold Inspector to look and recommend a safe removal process as well as some preventative maintenance ideas. Better to be safe than try this yourself and have a sick household.

Remember “Control the Moisture, Control the Mold”