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Does The Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Mold Remediation Services?


Does The Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Mold Remediation Services?

Last Updated on August 24, 2015

Mold infection is a source of very dangerous diseases that can cost you a lot, which you may not be able to bear on your own. This is especially because health is very expensive. Still, there more costs involved in mold remediation so as to make sure that your home is safe and free of mold. As a result, you may require some help from your homeowner’s insurance cover to eliminate the mold. But first, you should determine if it is possible for your homeowner insurance cover to include the mold remediation costs.

Find out more about your insurance policy


It is very important that before making any insurance claim, you investigate your insurance policy. Investigating will help you find out the details of the insurance cover such as everything, including the implied that can be covered and the conditions to which it is possible to receive compensation or to be covered. You should also investigate the exceptional clause if it is provided in order to be fully informed.

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After, determine if your mold remediation can be covered. Remember this will be determined by the terms and conditions provided by the cover, which you agreed to. Contrary to the terms of contract cannot be compensated or covered.

Determine the cause of the mold infection

Another important factor in determining an insurance compensation is the cause of the problem. The insurance company covering you will also determine the cause so as to verify the cause. Remember that the cause must be genuine such as environmental problems such as floods, extremely cold temperatures, or any other cause that is inevitable. Such a cause can be covered.

However, if the cause is not genuine such as neglect in your house maintenance, the insurance company will not agree to cover your mold remediation. The cause will be termed as intentional since you have failed to maintain your own home and hence you will take care of your own costs.

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Add mold remediation to your insurance cover

If the cause of the mold in your house is genuine but, still it cannot be covered by the insurance cover, you can take a future precaution. You can add the mold coverage to your insurance cover with an additional premium too. This means that any natural occurrence that could result to mold invading your home will be covered. As a result, you will be safe in future in case of a mold infection requiring remediation.

The premium

If the cause of your mold is genuine, the insurance company will definitely cover you in your mold remediation. However, the cover will vary depending on the amount of premium paid. The amount of premium paid is determined by the amount of risk involved in case of a mold infection.

Insure your house

After incurring all those mold remediation costs, it should serve as a wakeup call for you. This should motivate you to insure your house to be safe in the future. Huge problems can result out of a mild mold infection and leave you completely unstable in your finances. Therefore, before the worst happens, insure your home and protect your family.

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Mold infection poses a serious threat to many homes and especially those in moist and humid climate areas. This means that mold infection in such areas is common and so is mold remediation. Therefore, this becomes a big problem, especially if the remediation and repair is expensive. Having a homeowner’s insurance cover is among the best solutions since it will help you in covering the costs of the remediation.

If you want to know more about the charges for mold removal in Mississauga, contact us today. We can also advise you further on how to tap on your insurance policy to cover the mold removal fees.