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Essentials You Should Know About Indoor Mold Removal


Essentials You Should Know About Indoor Mold Removal

Last Updated on March 3, 2015

What exactly are indoor molds and where do they commonly thrive? Well, these substances can go anywhere right inside your home and build in your shower curtains, on wet surfaces and your kitchen sinks. They can also hide in dark places where there is less exposure to sunlight. Whilst you think that all indoor molds are just the same with those of others, you have to take note that they also come in different varieties. There is indeed much to know about indoor molds before they can be apparently removed from your home.

Indoor molds and the health problems they bring

Mold cells can be breathed in by the respiratory tract. When this happens, your immune system will try to do its work and destroy the mold as if trying to get rid of common health problems like flu and cold. Due to this action of the immune system, allergic rhinitis, sneezing, headaches, runny nose and scratchy throat can occur. Instead of actually helping you out of the problem, the process of breathing in and fighting will worsen.

Respiratory infections as well as asthma are common health results of indoor molds. In the case of respiratory infection, the live mold would start occupying the respiratory tract tissues and this can be dangerous since it can weaken one’s immune system. For that of the disease called asthma, indoor molds will start to trigger the condition as they are inhaled by an individual. This will then trigger episodes of asthma in many cases. At the worst, inhaling molds in large does will result to poisoning.

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The most common types of indoor molds


Indoor molds fall into three categories namely allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. The allergenic type is one that is known to result to allergic reactions in the body whilst the pathogenic type would often result to drastic health effects for individuals with very weak immune systems. Toxigenic molds, on the other hand, are the worst amongst all types since it can pose dangers to everyone.

Molds that pose health problems

Two types of molds are said to pose more health problems when compared to others. One such type is called the green molds which is commonly associated with serious infections of the lungs as well as other types of allergies. The other type is the black molds, commonly the most dreaded type that work through their slimes. They grow so fast most specifically in ceiling tiles, carpets, drywalls and wet wallpapers. Take note though that not all of these black molds are considered toxic.

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Moisture control is important

Moisture control is considered the first and most significant aspect in mold control. Remember that mold spores will never grow if the moisture has been prevented from areas where these fungi grow. Therefore, if you notice any moisture problem in your structure, be it at the home or in your office, you have to exhaust all efforts to get rid of it right away. Clean up the mold right away and make sure you fix any water or moisture issue to let molds go away.

The process of mold remediation

Mold remediation is defined as the process of cleaning up and removing molds from indoors. This would involve several steps that start with an ocular inspection of the area in order to determine the presence of molds in the area. This can also help determine the species involved that will later on help in detecting the type of remediation to be done. During the assessment stage, removing carpets, checking inner portions of wallpapers, opening up walls or even moving furniture will be required. When symptoms and illnesses are already affecting any individual in the home or office, samples of mold spores will be taken by experts.

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Leaving the remediation job in the hands of mold removal experts

Many times, you would want to try your luck when it comes to mold removal. When you do, you have to make sure you are equipped with a respirator and a protective gear. But if you want to make sure your health will not be compromised, you can always ask for assistance from mold remediation experts. These professionals have a better way of removing molds and even employ high-tech removal techniques and tools. They are equipped with equipment like moisture meters, HEPA filtered vacuums, humidity gauges, thermographic cameras and borescopes. They can employ techniques such as dry ice blasting amongst others.

We encourage you to consider asking help from mold removal experts like us who know the risks that come with mold. We offer mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation as well as mold removal services in both Toronto and Mississauga. We value your health all the time and we would not want you to compromise that. We can work together to fight the battle against molds!