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Make A Counter Attack On Mold In Your Home!


Make A Counter Attack On Mold In Your Home!

Last Updated on January 24, 2015


When it comes to mold, the walls of the bathroom and kitchen are the most at risk. The steam generated from showers and hot baths contributes to the formation of spots that usually prefer the corners of the ceiling and then spread on the walls. In this regard it is best to install a fan in the bathroom, leaving it switched on at least 15 minutes after exiting the bathroom.

Natural remedies for mold on the walls

To remove mold on the walls you can prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar and a cup of water. Once applied on the area to be treated, you must let sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing. In certain cases, it is necessary to have a soft toothbrush to hand to remove all traces of mold gently and without damaging the grout, especially in the gaps between one tile and the other in the case of bathroom or kitchen.

If the mold should prove difficult to eliminate, it will probably be necessary to use a second treatment (after the one with white vinegar) made from the extract of grapefruit seed. The extract of grapefruit seed extract can be found in health food stores or organic products. For the application just prepare a mixture of 20 drops of the extract dissolved in two cups full of water and then make sure that you apply it directly on the mold.

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Here’s an important note of caution: do not rub cloths or sponges to dab the treatment that you have prepared since this could work against you. Rubbing could create a dispersion of spores that simply attach themselves elsewhere. Don’t forget every time that you treat the walls keep the window open or the extractor fans on so that you reduce the humidity in the room and don’t allow the mold to reform and regroup on a damp wall that you have treated or not have had the chance to attend to.

Redecorate with the right paint

Once the mold is removed completely head off to get your new paint that is mold resistant and contains a plastic element that seals the walls from mold penetration. These paints are clearly labeled the store that you use as being suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as mold resistant and once applied correctly can simply be wiped down to remove condensation without giving mold any chance to get dug in.

The good news is that you will not be limited to a few colors as your paint shop can create mold resistant paints in any color that you want, if you go to your preferred home maintenance store the paint specialist will be able to create exactly what you are looking for.

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Need help?

If you are unsure that natural products can kick mold out of your home you can get help from pre-prepared products to remove mold on the walls. Here are a few tips before you splash the cash:

• If you do not want to repaint the wall and the treatment has been ineffective, the professional recommendation is a spray product mold destroyer. You may think that it will be costly but do not worry, here the expense is minimal. If you shop around, you can buy a liter of the product for cheap from good home maintenance stores. This product is specific for the treatment of mold on the walls, is based on active chlorine and can whiten the wall by removing the mold with their spores and also mosses from the walls of the house.

• If you are going to paint the wall, rather than buying mold removal spray, you should run the mold treatment described above, then sand the walls down and paint with a specific anti mold paint. If the wall that has mold problems is in direct contact with a very damp wall (for example the bathroom or an external wall in contact with the ground) you should spread out a layer of heavy duty wall sealant. Yes it is true, that these products are not cheap but they can guarantee excellent insulation from moisture.

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• Anti-mold paint is a paint that resists mold because it contains anti-fog and anti-humidity agents they are thermal mold destroyers and are applied to the wall affected by mold problem (only after washing and removing the mold) with a brush or roller. The prices for this paint are more or less $29.90 for 2.5 liters, and this quantity is suitable for the treatment of 3.5 square meters. If the price may seem high, remember this is a product made from water and take note that it does not contain solvents harmful to the health of the inhabitants of the house.

Alternatively, the better counter attack route you can take to save yourself all the hassle is to use reliable mold remediation help from a professional company. Again, the cost isn’t going to cost you much but you will definitely live to enjoy a mold-free house after that!