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Why Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Not An Alternative

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Why Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Not An Alternative

Last Updated on May 21, 2015

Indoor air quality concerns are on the increase. We are exposed to a variety of risks as we go about our daily activities. The environmental pollutants pose various degrees of risk to us. The air within our buildings is the one which is highly polluted compared to the outdoor air and therefore there is a greater risk to indoor air pollution than outdoors. In most cases, the people who are exposed to indoor air pollutants are often the ones who are most susceptible to the many effects of indoor air pollution. It is mainly for this reason that air quality testing is necessary for every building, whether commercial or residential. Let’s find out why you should never take indoor air quality testing as a non-priority task:

Health benefits

Indoor air pollutants pose a great risk to our health. The health effects from these indoor air pollutants are at times felt immediately after exposure or may take several years for the symptoms to be felt. Immediate effects which are as a result of repeated or single exposure include dizziness, fatigue, irritation of the eyes, throat and nose where else long term effects include respiratory diseases, heart diseases and cancer.

air quality testing

All these can be prevented by doing an indoor quality testing which will prevent or limit the exposure to these pollutants. With testing, the pollutants are detected early. People react differently to indoor pollutants and without testing you would not be able to know whether the pollutants are there or not. It could take several years for symptoms of these exposures to show and this could be fatal. Prevention is always the best measure to take. Ensure that you do an indoor air quality testing.

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Odor suppression

Bad smell is common in areas where there are indoor pollutants. This bad smell is caused by poor air circulation and filtration. The areas homes which have bad smells are normally dark and damp areas and with time mold starts to grow. Mold contains toxic compounds such as myocotoxins which exposure can lead to asthma, a respiratory disease.

Living in a house that has a bad smell can also be very stressful. People want their homes to have clean fresh air and will buy all types of fresheners just to have this realized. The problem becomes worse when there is a bad smell in the house and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from or its cause. A bad smell in your residential home is also an embarrassment especially when you have guests visiting.

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This bad smell can be solved by doing an indoor air quality testing. You might have noticed that your basement has a bad smell and wondering what to do? Get a professional to do a testing so that this problem can be fixed.

Increased property value

Indoor air quality testing increases value of your property. Whenever people want to rent a room, they will want to have one which is safe and has had this testing done. Nobody wants to buy a house or rent an office room that will pose a risk to them. You don’t want to be in constant exposure of air pollutants in your newly bought office and you do not want to incur the cost of testing yourself. So your best option is to get a seller who has this testing done prior to the selling of the building. So as a seller you need to factor in this to increase the value of your property.

In certain circumstances you would find out there are unusable rooms in the office because of either dampness or bad smells. These rooms can be a source of income is rented but they cannot be rented when they are in that state. What needs to be done is an indoor air quality testing and then they can be safe working environments.

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Improvement in productivity

Safe working environments and productivity are directly related. Productivity of a company can be tremendously improved by simply doing an indoor air quality testing in the workplace. As stated earlier exposure to indoor air pollutants has a health effect. Employees must be healthy for them to be productive in any type of business. If you have employees who are constantly complaining of dizziness and fatigue then your business is not moving towards the right direction.

Also, if you have this testing done you are guaranteed to get the best employees in the market. Professionals who have wide range of experiences in their specific fields want to work in environments which are free from indoors air pollutants and will simply bring this up doing the interview. You don’t want to miss a professional because of not doing an indoor air quality testing. Get it done today.

From reading this article, you definitely have a reason to have an indoor air quality testing done in your home or your office. Are you looking professionals who can perform an indoor air quality testing? Contact us to find out more.