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5 Ways To Eliminate Asbestos From Your Home


5 Ways To Eliminate Asbestos From Your Home

Last Updated on August 11, 2014


Being exposed to asbestos can be detrimental to one’s health and one of the negative effects that it brings, is the illness called mesothelioma. This is an illness that comes about when one allows asbestos dust to enter his or her lungs through their respiratory process; causing scars to form all over their lungs. Asbestos have been used during the construction of many homes, and they tend to be used for insulating pipes, making floor tiles and other building materials (cement).

These thin fibrous crystals were pretty common in the past and were used by many industries. Although laws of our modern society have restricted the use of these materials, we can’t afford to stay complacent and it is vital that both new and existing homeowners know how to identify asbestos and take appropriate action to remove them from their immediate premises. Here are 5 ways that readers like you, can implement to eliminate its presence.

Mastering the right recognition skills

The recurring problem with many individuals who get sick with the aforementioned illness, even if their occupational duties do not bring them near any construction or industrial areas, is that they are unable to recognize products that may contain asbestos in their very own home. Products that contain asbestos are known as one of the leading factors for developing mesothelioma. Hence, if you are contemplating o what tools you should purchase for your home, try to ensure that they do not contain asbestos. There are a few products that usually contain asbestos, and they can be door gaskets, furnace ducts, floor adhesives, vinyl floor tiles, boilers, textured paint, cement roofing and even fireproof gloves.

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Never try to sweep asbestos dust

If you see a pile of dust that may be suspected as asbestos dust, just let it be (until professional help arrives). Moving these dust particles increase the chances of you inhaling it into your lungs. Once again, you are reminded to leave it alone and prevent the dust from going airborne.

If you work with asbestos based products at work, get rid of them before going home

Employees who operate in an environment with high amounts of asbestos are recommended that they attempt to remove any traces of the dust from his clothing. Before leaving their workplace, it is ideal that the individual take a shower thoroughly and is prudent to wash his or her clothes for better chances of eliminating asbestos dust.

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Materials that are purchased must come in good quality

Since asbestos have a natural high resistance to heat and fire, they cannot be excluded from many building materials and tools. However, experts recommend that you check if the quality of the asbestos containing product is acceptable. Products that are considered to be of low quality tends to emit the harmful substance, that may lead to the aforementioned illness.

Caution: Some floors contain asbestos

If you have learnt from your previous contractor that your floor contains asbestos, experts recommend that you avoid brushing or waxing during the maintenance processes. Doing the aforementioned may release fibres that are microscopic and unseen by the naked eye into the air. This increases the chance of you inhaling it.

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It is always better to prevent than to scramble to find a cure. Apply these tips immediately and ensure that your home is asbestos-free or safe from it!