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Spring has Sprung, Let’s get Gardening

Spring has Sprung, Let’s get Gardening

Last Updated on November 7, 2012

Tulips and Day Lilies are spouting with the signs of sun and mild temperatures. Soon the gardens will be colourful again and we can start our planting.

Before we start gardening let’s do something for our house. Let’s do a 5 minute walk around specifically looking for problems on the outside that could lead to water damage on the inside. water damage leads to mold growth and mold growth leads to mold removal.

A quick look at these items may save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

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Windows and Doors

  • Look for any unusual gaps from the window frame to the wall
  • Does the caulking look weathered, cracked or pieces missing?
  • The window sits on a sill, does the sill seem in good repair?


The house sits on a concrete type foundation. The brick usually stops before the ground on this concrete foundation, it should not be covered by gardens, dirt or driveways and it is recommended that at least 8” of concrete foundation be showing.

Check all around the house at the foundation looking for signs of cracking.

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Brick and Siding

  • Take a quick look at the brick for missing grout (the material between the brick) or brick cracking or flaking.
  • Take a look at the siding for any signs of damage.

Piping and Vents

  • Various pipes go in and out of your home, these should have proper caulking. Check for cracking or damage.
  • Kitchens and dryer vents come through the wall and should have some sort of louvered vent cap that prevents animals and rain from entering your home. Check that the vents are in good repair and are properly caulked.
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Spray foam is not proper caulking and not UV resistant

A few items that I left off the list may pose an inspection problem for some home owners. The roof and second/third floor windows and the eve troughs. Look on www.Homestars.com for reputable companies that can help with those inspections.

It may seem like an over whelming list but it really only takes a few minutes and every year you’ll get better at it.

Happy Spring Everyone!