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Take Your Money and Run!


Take Your Money and Run!

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

We have all heard the saying ”They know just enough to be dangerous”

This is the story of two nice ladies that live together in Toronto, mother and daughter and they had a mold problem.

A roof leak caused water damage and mold growth in the master bedroom and the ceiling of the enclosed front porch below. They hired a local mold removal company to do the mold removal work. The mold removal company partially opened up the lath and plaster walls in the master bedroom in a hap hazard sort of way which left the bedroom open to the insulation side of the front porch overhang ceiling.

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The mold removal company then started removing the ceiling of the front enclosed porch and Vermiculite came tumbling down. This is where the saying comes into play!

”They know just enough to be dangerous”

The mold removal company knew this much:

  • The insulation was Vermiculite
  • A certain brand of Vermiculite contains Asbestos
  • Asbestos is Dangerous to Life

The mold removal company explained to the nice ladies that they found Vermiculite and it wasn’t within their scope and/or expertise. They took their money and ran!

This is what they left behind:

  • Vermiculite on the front enclosed porch floor
  • Ceiling open to the Vermiculite
  • Bedroom open to the Vermiculite
  • Unsealed HVAC ducting in the front enclosed porch and the bedroom
  • Front door  and bedroom doors left open
  • No explanation to the home owners
  • They left these ladies in a potentially life threatening environment
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Not realizing the potential significance of Vermiculite they went to Google to find a Vermiculite removal company, only then did they learn of the possible Asbestos contamination that might be throughout the home and the adverse health effects associated. That’s when they found me!

I don’t remove Asbestos as there are companies that excel in this field and let em at it. I do however test for Asbestos as part of my Health and Safety Protocols before starting a mold removal job.

I taped off the HVAC ducting and taped the doors shut, I took my three bulk samples, explained to the ladies that a hotel room would be a wise investment until the lab results come back.

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The Vermiculite was Asbestos free. Talk about dodging a bullet!

Just thought I’d share this story with you all and I’d really like to hear your comments.