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The Benefits Of Using Thermal Imaging For Home Inspections


The Benefits Of Using Thermal Imaging For Home Inspections

Last Updated on August 11, 2014

Thermography is the concept of using infrared cameras to measure the temperature of a surface. This method of capturing images can also be considered as infrared imaging science. The cameras that are used for this purpose are specially designed to have the ability to record varying temperatures or heat signatures in a building or the surroundings of a location that it is used in.

The purpose of using such technology to detect heat signatures is to find a particular hotspot, such as an electrical circuit, a pipe line and also boilers. Thermographers are usually engaged as the correct professionals to help individuals analyze the findings and readings accurately for whatever purpose it is used for. Nowadays, this technology has been implemented for the home maintenance processes, and here are some of the benefits of using thermal imaging to detect mould.

Early detection of water leaks


Thermal imaging can detect signs of water intrusion, water leaks and plumbing leaks inside the walls of your home, even before they become obvious. It helps contractors and homeowners to track the exact source or root of the problem, without having to navigate through an endless maze, to get something fixed as soon as possible. There was an instance when a homeowner, who owns an expensive pine ceiling, called in to use thermal imagery to track down a suspected leak from a pipe that was located in the ceiling itself. It turns out that there was indeed a dark blue area that appeared on the screen of the thermal camera. The owner was then able to repair the pipe promptly, before it caused real major damage to the ceiling.

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Solving insulation problems in a home

Sometimes the walls of one’s home may not be insulated properly. The thermal camera scans through the wall surface and will display a void in the wall that is hard to miss. It usually shows up as a blue area with a pink center. Filling up the void quickly, ensures that the owner can save more on cooling costs during summer and heating costs during the winter months.

Ensure that your walls and windows are properly sealed

If you still feel cold air seeping through your window or door, even if it is already closed shut, you may have a problem of them being improperly sealed. When your windows or doors are not properly sealed, the outer borders of them will appear as blue on the thermal image. Heat loss is one of the major consequences of letting cold air in, which results in an increase in your utility bills.

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Detecting mould in one’s home

As long as the affected area is moist for a certain period of time (often long), the thermal camera can pick up signs of mould. Thermal cameras shows which part of the wall, floor, or structure have been affected with excessive moisture and often in these areas, mould will be found.

When you decide to engage home inspection services that utilise thermal imaging technology, always remember to find a company that is reputable and has the right credentials to prove that they are competent in this field of expertise.

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