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Could Your Health Symptoms Be Caused By Exposure To Toxic Mold?


Could Your Health Symptoms Be Caused By Exposure To Toxic Mold?

Last Updated on August 20, 2015

Mold infection in your house can be as a result of several factors such as dampness or poor house cleaning methods especially in the enclosed areas. Molds can be a source of very toxic diseases that you may not be aware of, like immune suppression, lashes on the skin, respiratory problems. Here are ways to help you find out if the mold in your house is the cause of your health problems:

Symptoms of mold infection


The symptoms below will help you determine if you are suffering from a mold infection or not:

• Morning stiffness, and joint pain
• Sinus congestion and having difficulties in breathing
• Difficulties in finding words and poor memory
• Numbness, tingling and abnormal skin sensation
• Loss of appetite and unhealthy changes in body temperature
• Body weakness and fatigue
• Difficulties in concentration
• Having mood swings, blurred vision, red eyes, and a lot of sweating
• Bloating, diarrhea and unusual pain
• Increased body thirst and urinary frequency
• Having a metallic taste in your mouth, unusual tearing and disorientation
• Abnormal headaches and increases your sensitivity to light

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Causes of mold

After determining the symptoms, it is good to know what could be the cause of mold in your house so that you may eliminate it.


Dampness is the state of being wet or having moisture. This dampness can be as a result of flooding that might have occurred in your home, leaving the most enclosed areas moist. Also, leaks from the roof of your house and water damage, then leaking into your home. As a result a moist environment is created, which is suitable for bacteria and algae to grow. The bacteria then develop over time and become mold.

Poor ventilation

Another cause of mold is poor ventilation. If your house is not well ventilated, it means that there is no free circulation of air. In short, fresh air is inadequate. Poor ventilation is likely to cause dampness in your house especially the kitchen drawers because they are rarely opened. Also, poor ventilation causes a stale odor that creates a contaminated environment, which is a good harbor for bacteria to grow. This bacterium continues to grow and forms the mold.

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Mold treatment

If you are suffering from a mold infection, here are the most effective ways to treat it:

• You can use charcoal, clay, cholestyramine or any other binder to restrain internal mycotoxins.
• You should avoid any environment that is already contaminated by the mold. This will help to prevent more contamination by the mycotoxins.
• Avoid being in contact with any item that is contaminated by the mold. The item could be clothes, food, utensils or any other item from an already infected mold environment.
• Minimize the use of food containing mycotoxin such as peanuts, barley, wheat, corn, alcoholic beverages, beans, rice, chiles, Brazil nuts, cocoa, black pepper, bread and cottonseed. They are easy targets of mold, especially if stored in poorly ventilated areas.
• Seek medical treatment to the infected areas in your body. The most common targets for mold infection are bladder, gut, vagina, lungs, and sinuses and nasal cavity.
• Install an effective ventilation systems or in other words, enhance your house ventilation so as to allow free flow of fresh air.

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Maintaining a clean house is also another way of protecting yourself and your family from mold infection. In addition, you can try prevention methods such as mold inspection. Regular inspection in your house for mold will help you identify, and conduct mold remediation and repair on the affected areas where mold has grown. For assistance, you can hire the best company for a mold inspection in Mississauga and enhance the safety of your home.