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Mold Removal Georgetown

Mold Inspection & Removal in Georgetown, Ontario 

Mold removal Georgetown is not something to be taken lightly and it can be dangerous. The proper protective clothing such as P100 filtered mask, suit and protective gloves should be worn during mold removal.

Removing the mold causes it to become airborne in huge numbers (in the millions), whereas if left untouched and undisturbed, the airborne spores would have been minimal in comparison to the disturbed mold. To avoid cross contamination (airborne mold spores spreading throughout your home) a proper work area containment needs to be put in place around the work areas.

Sometimes the homeowner or landlord thinks they can remove it themselves, not using the proper procedures they end up unknowingly cross contaminating the entire home. Typically people in mold polluted homes come down with rashes, sickness, allergies, asthma, headaches and weakness.

After we have performed our Mold Inspection and have determined the extent of mold contamination we issue a written quote with a plan of action to remove the mold safely. Our plan includes the requirements for containment, negative air pressure or HEPA air scrubber.

Once the Mold Removal is complete we recommend an air test of your home to ensure the air is normal, from this you will receive an Indoor Air Quality Test report from a third party accredited lab as your clearance report and for your peace of mind!

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Attic Mold Removal Georgetown, Halton Hills, Ontario


Mold Detection & Removal in Georgetown, Halton Hills, Ontario

Attics can be a treacherous area of the home to navigate by the homeowners in Georgetown Ontario.

For these reasons many homeowners never venture into the attic unless there is a problem. The problem could be a roof leak or mold has been found by a contractor installing a new bathroom fan or pot lights, a home inspector has found a mold problem during a real estate transaction.

While no one likes to hear the word Mold it’s not the end of the world, it can send many potential Georgetown home buyers running until they get educated about Attic Mold, it’s fixable and not a deal breaker by itself.

Georgetown Mold Removal – Some Common Questions

This is the Mold Equation

Moisture + Food (building materials) + Mold Spores = Mold Growth

Mold growth will occur in 12 – 48hrs when the equation is complete. Mold Spores are everywhere in nature and our homes are built with wood and drywall (food) so the only part of the equation we can control is the moisture.

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5 Typical Causes for Attic Mold

How do we get the mold out of my place in Georgetown?

Mold is not something anyone would like to find. It can cause damage to your home and can affect your health. It is difficult to remove.

The prevention of mold from developing at all is always the best choice.

If you do find an issue with mold within your home you can remove it safely and ensure that it does not return.

It is crucial to follow the right steps and make use of the appropriate tools to remove mold from your home.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • -Repair all leaks immediately.
  • -Clean off spills and dry carpets that are damp.
  • -Use an humidifier in areas that are damp.
  • -Increase ventilation in bathrooms as well as in the kitchen.
  • -Direct drainage away from your home to prevent basement water from entering your home.


Find The Best Mold Removal Company In Georgetown, ON?

Go to Google and search mold removal company in Georgetown …right? Well…You get the first 3 companies on Google and they come to inspect but they all have different methods of mold removal and completely different costing quotes, NOW WHAT?

Anyone who needs to get mold removed from their home will want to do so as quickly as possible, because if mold is left untreated too long, it can become quite dangerous to one’s health. Black mold for instance, can be very hazardous to your health if it is left to grow in an enclosed area like a basement or some other part of a house. If you are looking to get the mold in your Georgetown house removed right away, you will first need to find the right local business to do this work for you.

Georgetown will have quite a few different mold removal specialists which you will be able to rely on to do this type of work for you, but it will be important to make sure that you take enough time to see what exactly you have to choose from before making a final decision of any kind. As long as you devote enough time and effort to doing this research, you will be able to get the best mold removal services in Georgetown at the right price. In order to get a good deal though, you will have to get estimates from a few of these companies.

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5 Typical Ways to Remove Mold from the Attic

Assume a typical 20’ x 30’ attic

Most Testing & Remediation FAQ's

Clearance tests can be ordered after remediation, they are air samples taken after we complete our mold removal project to ensure we have done our job properly.

Sometimes they do, and on the rare occasion everything turns out fine. However, when things go wrong, they usually go very wrong. Contractors aren’t trained in proper mold removal procedures and risk cross contamination throughout the premises. Hire someone who is trained in the mold removal field.

Visually it is hard to determine whether your mold is toxigenic, pathogenic, or allergenic without having air & mold samples taken and tested by an accredited lab. In any case, it’s wise to get it removed as soon as possible.

Everyone reacts differently to mold. Often, occupants of homes and business’ are suffering from numerous symptoms commonly associated with or caused by indoor mold growth. They try to overcome the issue by focusing on lifestyle or medication, but do not realize that the issue is in the indoor air they are breathing. People may suffer from allergies, asthma, colds and sinus infections, sneezing, flu symptoms, disorders, rashes, and memory loss to name a few.

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