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Training Certificates

There are many companies that claim to be trained, they have

letters after their names, BUT , are they who they say they are? Can they prove it?

I claim to be trained, here are my credentials

Graduated Dervy College – 1989

Diploma in Electronics

Completed JHSC – 2005

Joint Health & Safety Committee levels 1 & 2

Graduated Sheridan College – 2006

Diploma in Construction Estimating

Graduated Sheridan College – 2007

Diploma (Honours) in Project Management and Site Supervision

Graduated Inspect4U – late 2009/2010 – Alliston, ON

Home Inspection Course in – Internachi’s premier school/training facility in Canada

Graduated Inspect4mold – spring 2010 – Alliston, ON

Mold Inspection course for Home Inspectors

Graduated IAC2 – Alliston , ON – 2010

Indoor Air Consultant course – Indoor Air Quality Testing course

Graduated Micro (Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization) – 2011

Commercial Building Mold Inspection
Commercial Building Mold Remediation

Course upgrades in 2011

Standards of Practise - 5hrs
Customer Service & Communication - 4hrs
Safe Practises - 4hrs
Mold Inspection - 12hrs
Advanced Mold Inspection - 12hrs
Building Science & Thermography - 5hrs
Inspecting Crawlspaces - 3hrs
Thermal Imaging - 5hrs

Ask the others about their education and ask them for proof, I carry my certificates with me

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