How To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home For A Healthy Lifestyle

Many times people think of air pollution as an occurrence for the outdoors only. This is because they often hear about haze, smog and ozone. However, indoor air happens to be more polluted as compared to outdoor air. In particular, indoor air at home is polluted by elements such as fire retardants, in-house dust (lead), […]

Winterizing Your Home to Protect Against Mold Growth

As the summer comes to an end and the weather starts to change, most homeowners are preparing their properties for a cold wet winter ahead. Winterizing your home means more than putting away the lawn furniture and bagging the fallen leaves; it’s a time to prepare and protect your home against the elements that contribute […]

Mold Tests Can Help You Find Effective Remedies To Your Mold Problems At Home

It is possible to have mold problems in certain parts of your house without your knowledge. That is why it is important to ensure that general cleaning covers every nook and cranny. This helps you to notice anything out of the ordinary so you can take an immediate action to remedy the problem. Essentially, mold […]

Retail Air Quality Testing Kits May Not Be Such A Good Idea!

Air quality testing is an important process that may be done for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you suspect that there is a mold infestation in your home, it may be prudent to test the quality of the air in the home before putting in place measures to get rid of it. This […]

Preventing Mold Growth In Industrial And Commercial Areas

Mold is naturally found in the environment almost everywhere. Whether it is present indoors or outdoors, its presence can be a big challenge if it starts growing in offices, homes and other commercial buildings. Mold is problematic because it poses serious health issues to the people who are exposed to mold for a long time. […]

Top Potential Sources Of Kitchen Mold

Kitchen mold

Just like bathrooms and attic, kitchen happens to be a good breeding place for mold. Kitchen offers the three most integral elements that mold needs: humidity, food and warmth. Being a homeowner, it is important that you are well aware of the potential sources of mold in your kitchen. Check out these places in your […]

Understanding Attic Mold And How Should You Deal With It?

Attic mold

The presence of mold in attics is quite common in cities like Toronto. Therefore, it is very important for Toronto residents to have sound knowledge about the reason of its growth and how you should deal with it. Sometimes, you will also notice that attic mold can suddenly occur in your home within a short […]

Eco-Friendly Ways To Control And Eliminate Mold From Your Home

Eliminating molds from your home can be very tricky. There are times when you resort to chemicals which you believe can help put a stop to those pests that prey into every corner of your home. In some cases, you will try to do all the removal of these molds in your home without heeding […]

Why Indoor Air Quality Can Be A Health Hazard And Tips To Avoid The Risks

There are many things that can put your health at risk. In fact, even simple tick bites can lead to organ failure. What more when there are toxic chemicals found in food, right? Well, each day you wake up there can be some things that can put you into a life-threatening situation. Truth is even […]

Debunking Old Myths About Black Mold

Black mold, also known as toxic mold, is one of the types of molds that thrive in damp and dark places. Whilst some of you may think that it is perfectly alright to see traces of these molds in your home thinking that it is normal, you have to remember that this can harm you […]