What Are The Effects Of Molds On Pregnancy?

It is a common knowledge that molds pose a threat to human health, particularly respiratory and alimentary functions in children and adults alike. Pregnant women are not excluded from this scientifically proven data. True to its claims, pregnant mothers are very susceptible to the ill effects of molds in the environment because of their delicate […]

What Are The Common Mold Types Found In Homes And Offices?

Many of us presume that the molds we see accumulating in our homes and offices are the same. They only differ in colour with black, green, grey, brown and even white types emerging from one damp corner to another. Whilst we often distinguish mold according to their colours, the colour does not actually tell you […]

How To Remove The Toxic Black Mold

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The toxic black mold’s scientific name is Stachybotrys chartarum. Black mold has various effects and it carries a lot of dangers with it. Since there are many types of mold out there it is advisable that you know what type is affecting you. Since many types of these molds have the ability to produce allergens […]

Understanding The Common Mold Remediation Approach

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This is a process that includes the identifying and addressing of mold related issues in any particular structure. This process is usually put in place to aid in the prevention of the spread of mold. It involves isolating the infested areas and exhuming the affected materials while still making sure that there are no moisture […]

A Look At Mold Remediation Protection Levels

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Mold remediation is the technique of identifying the location and also the extent of mold hazard in a building as well as cleaning it up from the environment. The aim of the clean-up process is to eliminate fungal growth and also to remove any contaminated materials in the area. During the process, protection of the […]

Simple Steps To Remove Mold At Home

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Have you noticed mold in your bathroom? Probably you have. Almost every home gets mold infestations once in a while. What matters is how faster you identify it and remove it. Molds can be a nuisance and you need to identify them and clean them before they get out of control. Molds will grow everywhere. […]

Why Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Not An Alternative

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Indoor air quality concerns are on the increase. We are exposed to a variety of risks as we go about our daily activities. The environmental pollutants pose various degrees of risk to us. The air within our buildings is the one which is highly polluted compared to the outdoor air and therefore there is a […]

How You Can Boost The Air Quality In Your Home

Have you been wondering how you can improve the quality of air inside your house? Then just know that there are many ways that have been proven and are working. You should note that there are many things in the house that contribute to poor indoor air and once you identify them, then it will […]

Are You A First Time Real Estate Buyer? Avoid These Home Buying Mistakes!

Are you looking forward to buying your first home? Shopping for a new home can be exciting and exhausting, and sometimes it can even be scary. Your main aim is to buy a home you love and also at a price you can afford. This may sound simple enough, but many people still make mistakes […]