Why Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Not An Alternative

air quality testing

Indoor air quality concerns are on the increase. We are exposed to a variety of risks as we go about our daily activities. The environmental pollutants pose various degrees of risk to us. The air within our buildings is the one which is highly polluted compared to the outdoor air and therefore there is a […]

How You Can Boost The Air Quality In Your Home

Have you been wondering how you can improve the quality of air inside your house? Then just know that there are many ways that have been proven and are working. You should note that there are many things in the house that contribute to poor indoor air and once you identify them, then it will […]

Are You A First Time Real Estate Buyer? Avoid These Home Buying Mistakes!

Are you looking forward to buying your first home? Shopping for a new home can be exciting and exhausting, and sometimes it can even be scary. Your main aim is to buy a home you love and also at a price you can afford. This may sound simple enough, but many people still make mistakes […]

Quick Tips To Help You Prevent Asthma Attacks At Home

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, then you must have been given reliever therapy as well as advice on how to prevent the attacks. And because asthma has no cure, it is prudent to use preventative treatment even if you are feeling well .You should note that there isn’t a sure way that one […]

How The Presence Of Mold Can Affect Your Refinancing Options

As the financial crunch is at its peak, many people are looking for a number of means to refinance their home. In order to make the process smooth, they need to take a number of steps so that the higher authorities do not lay any sort of objection on their application. It is important to […]

How To Deal With Mold In An Effective Manner

People who are planning to invest in property are always looking a nice house that can be purchased at a good price. If you are selling your home, you will have to meet all the rules and regulations of your state. There are some states where the disclosure of the presence of mold is essential […]

Understanding The Need To Remove Indoor Mold

Indoor mold comes in a lot of variety and surprisingly most of the types are often neglected by homeowners. Mold is considered to be the prime source of various health issues like allergies and asthma attack. This is the reason why getting mold removal by highly qualified staff becomes essential. Health issues caused by indoor […]

A Look At Mold Exposure And Its Psychological Effect

Many people are aware of the fact that mold tends to affect the overall health of the individuals in different ways. Generally, the most common issues associated with mold exposure include nausea, blurred vision, allergy symptoms and sickness etc. What people do not know is that when they are exposed to mold over a period […]

Essentials You Should Know About Indoor Mold Removal

What exactly are indoor molds and where do they commonly thrive? Well, these substances can go anywhere right inside your home and build in your shower curtains, on wet surfaces and your kitchen sinks. They can also hide in dark places where there is less exposure to sunlight. Whilst you think that all indoor molds […]

Do You Know The Leading Sources Of Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is a problem that can infest one home to another with every room compromised in many instances. The causes may vary though but what makes it so dangerous is the fact that its effects can accumulate in levels that are dangerous enough to harm your health. With poor air quality entering your […]