Step-to-step guide to hiring mold removal professionals

Hire a mold removal professional Mold spreads swiftly across a building and harms nearly every component. It can cause severe damage to your floors, furnishings, or even the plumbing. It can also hurt people with underlying problems, cause severe infections and allergies, and cause allergies. Mold, fungus, and canker can be seen as multicellular threads […]


If you have ever ventured into your attic, you may have discovered a moldy surprise. The first thing most homeowners do is an internet search, which will likely provide you with some inaccurate search results which will only cause you to panic. Let us help you clear up a few myths about removing mold from […]

Winterizing Your Home to Protect Against Mold Growth

As the summer comes to an end and the weather starts to change, most homeowners are preparing their properties for a cold wet winter ahead. Winterizing your home means more than putting away the lawn furniture and bagging the fallen leaves; it’s a time to prepare and protect your home against the elements that contribute […]

Health Problems That Can Suggest Your Have An Underlying Mold Infestation


The presence of a mold infestation in your house can be difficult for you to identify. This is particularly so if the mold is not particularly noticeable. Of course, there are some homes where a mold infestation can be very high, so much so that the air smells musty. In such environments, it is very […]

How To Handle Mold Problem At A Daycare Center?

Children tend to be very delicate, and this means that if you are interested in keeping them safe, you would need to be very careful about the decisions you make regarding them. An example of this is if you are designing a daycare center. The people who are likely to use such a facility are […]

Could Your Health Symptoms Be Caused By Exposure To Toxic Mold?

Mold infection in your house can be as a result of several factors such as dampness or poor house cleaning methods especially in the enclosed areas. Molds can be a source of very toxic diseases that you may not be aware of, like immune suppression, lashes on the skin, respiratory problems. Here are ways to […]

A Look At Mold Remediation Protection Levels

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Mold remediation is the technique of identifying the location and also the extent of mold hazard in a building as well as cleaning it up from the environment. The aim of the clean-up process is to eliminate fungal growth and also to remove any contaminated materials in the area. During the process, protection of the […]

Simple Steps To Remove Mold At Home

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Have you noticed mold in your bathroom? Probably you have. Almost every home gets mold infestations once in a while. What matters is how faster you identify it and remove it. Molds can be a nuisance and you need to identify them and clean them before they get out of control. Molds will grow everywhere. […]

Why Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Not An Alternative

air quality testing

Indoor air quality concerns are on the increase. We are exposed to a variety of risks as we go about our daily activities. The environmental pollutants pose various degrees of risk to us. The air within our buildings is the one which is highly polluted compared to the outdoor air and therefore there is a […]