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How You Can Boost The Air Quality In Your Home


How You Can Boost The Air Quality In Your Home

Last Updated on May 1, 2015

Have you been wondering how you can improve the quality of air inside your house? Then just know that there are many ways that have been proven and are working. You should note that there are many things in the house that contribute to poor indoor air and once you identify them, then it will be easier for you to fix the issue. You should note that some of the causes of poor air quality are dangerous such as asthma triggers. Here are ways to help you improve the quality of air indoors:

Open your windows


This is an obvious tip but most people neglect it. You should note that this is a good habit because it helps in lowering the concentration of toxic chemicals as well as CO2. Lack of cleaning and some home changes such as painting or bringing in new furniture can contribute to poor air quality. Make sure that you open all your windows for about ten minutes on a daily basis.

Keep your home clean and tidy

You should note that everything can turn to dust one day. It is not a surprise when you don’t know what happens when your couch loses its shape. The fact is that the material ends up being dust. Whether you are neat or not, it is a fact that the dust keeps on forming. You need to keep your home tidy and clean in order to improve the air quality. And sometimes, it is prudent to call in professional cleaners because they will make sure that they touch every place and item in your home, including the carpets which harbor mold, dust and other allergens.

Keep humidity below 50%

This is a sure way to limit the growth of mold, mildew as well as the presence of dust mite that do pollute the air. Because some molds do produce allergens, they can have adverse health effects such as allergic reactions and asthma. You need to track humidity levels and use a dehumidifier to control allergens and moisture. When cooking, make sure that you open the windows. Also, ensure that there are no water leaks in the home, and empty the drip pans in your air conditioner. Once you are done, it is important to call in a mold inspector so that they can check if there are potential threats from mold. Because they are professionals, they will definitely employ the perfect ways to remove mold and stop its recurrence.

Place an air filtering plants in the home

Did you know that some houseplants can actually eliminate toxic agents such as fromaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the indoor air? In fact, in a combined effort, their roots and foliage absorb certain VOCs. However, you should note that the rate of their pollutant removal is low so they cannot capture all the pollution.

Avoid synthetic fragrances

Although we like them, some synthetic fragrances can have harmful volatile organic compounds. You need to arrange some slices of the lemon on a plate so as to delicately perfume the air in your room. Baking soda works wonders too in eliminating odors. And it is important to use fragrance free products in your house.

Use mechanical air systems

Mechanical air systems that come with good filtration can really control dust levels. You can even use some additional air cleaners such as ion generator or electrostatic systems as stand alone or just part of the home system. However, make sure that they are UL certified before using them.

Vent your appliances

It is important to ensure that fuel burning furnaces, heaters, fireplaces, exhaust fans and range tops are vented to the outside away for your windows, the heating ventilation as well as HVAC intakes. This will help much in improving the quality of air in your room.

Smokers should light up outside

Surprisingly, the smoke smokers exhale after taking a drag on the cigarette is said to contain over four thousand different chemicals. And there is no risk free level to the secondhand smokers. Of course, the best way would be to quit smoking. But if someone cannot do it now, then it is prudent that they should step outside and smoke from there.

Install a camera with VOC sensor

This is a great HD camera if installed in the house. Even if you will forget to open your window, this device will notify you of the pollution peaks. Also, the camera will show you the previous and present levels of volatile organic compounds in the dedicated application.

As you can see, there are many causes of pollution of air in the house and so are the fixes. It must start with you if you want the air quality in the house to be improved. The Mold Guy can help you with air quality testing in Mississauga. We also offer mold removal services to ensure that your home is free from the allergens that can cause serious health problems. Contact us today and find out more!