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Mold and Real Estate

Mold and Real Estate

Last Updated on November 11, 2012

As a purchaser would you rather find mold before or after the real estate transaction went through? Not all mold infected homes have visible mold showing, in a lot of cases it’s hiding in the walls with only small tell tale signs of its existence. So I pose the question again,

Would you rather find mold before or after the purchase of your home?

Mold isn’t the cause it’s the result, the result of water intrusion, a water leak or high humidity. Leaking pipes, leaking roof, high humidity and foundation problems to name a few.

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Should we be afraid of mold and walk away from a Great Home?

It is a very rare occurrence to find “Toxic Black Mold” growing in a home and just because you can identify that it is actually “toxic black mold” doesn’t always mean it’s toxic, some grow without being toxic and are just allergenic like most molds. I’m not downplaying the fact the mold is bad for us all I’m just saying that when you see it don’t run away. Mold is letting us know that we have another problem which needs correcting, the source, the water problem.

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Mold isn’t a reason to walk away from a great home, mold damage repairs and air scrubbing are the end result of a repaired water problem. I believe I would like to find a mold problem in the home before I buy and have the seller make the necessary repairs.

Of course I would be performing my own Indoor Air Quality Testing to ensure the job was completed to my satisfaction. For the rest of you it’s as easy as calling a Certified Mold Inspector to perform an indoor air quality test before moving your family in. The water problem has been taken care of, the repairs made to remove the mold and reconstructed, now you can move into your great home feeling good about your purchase and your families health.

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Before you walk away from a great home buy call us to inspect, if you have any questions about mold in your homes or business don’t hesitate to call and ask, we love talking mold!