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Eco-Friendly Ways To Control And Eliminate Mold From Your Home

Eco-Friendly Ways To Control And Eliminate Mold From Your Home

Last Updated on July 8, 2016

Eliminating molds from your home can be very tricky. There are times when you resort to chemicals which you believe can help put a stop to those pests that prey into every corner of your home. In some cases, you will try to do all the removal of these molds in your home without heeding the advice or help from mold remediation experts.

We understand that you want to at least control mold so that your health or your loved ones’ health will not be put at risk. Alongside this concern, however, you must focus your attention to the fact that chemicals to kill mold might put you at a greater risk too. The good news is there are eco-friendly ways to get rid of this problem.

Prevention should always come first before treatment

If you are looking for non-toxic ways to get rid of the problem, it will be good to consider preventing molds from propagating into your space before doing any treatment. Your responsibility is to make sure you clean up your space whenever there are water spillages on any part of your structure. When carpets get damp, use a fan to dry them or if you can easily remove the carpet, you can leave it drying under the sun. Also, you must spot any leaks in your hoses, toilets, tubs, sinks and pipes. Have a leaky roof repaired at once.

When taking a bath, it will also be cool to turn on the exhaust fan until such time that it has absorbed any moisture from within. You can leave your window open in case you do not have an exhaust fan. The same is true when using your kitchen. It will also be wise not to put carpets inside the bathroom since this can absorb water and moisture which is a known breathing ground for molds. In case you are planning of repainting your rooms, make sure you use mold-resistant paint.

Other eco-friendly ways to kick off mold out of your home

Apart from the tips mentioned above, it will be good to have your home inspected thoroughly by mold remediation experts. Also, it will be good to install a dehumidifier inside your rooms. Make sure that you get your home tested for mold especially when your place had been flooded or whenever water has significantly seeped into it.

Eco-friendly mold removal techniques

There are times when it is already too late for you to prevent mold from sneaking into your home. You do not have to fret when this is the case. You simply have to remove or replace materials that have been affected by mold especially when cleaning them will no longer work. Examples of materials that you might fail at cleaning are insulation, drywall, mattresses, couch cushions and carpets. You do not need toxic chemicals to have molds removed from all these areas.

What you should remember

It is quite true that replacing any removed part of your home’s structure that has been infested with mold may mean a less eco-friendly approach. This is for the fact that these materials can end up in the landfill. If you do not want to add up to the dump that goes to these landfills, a more eco-friendly solution is to seek help from mold remediation experts. These experts employ the most versatile mold removal techniques without you feeling guilty about whether the solution will do less harm to the environment or not.

You must seek treatment when prevention is no longer an available solution to get rid of molds. In this case, you will need to ask help from a trusted and reputable Toronto mold removal contractor.