Cold Walls and Mold Growth

Mold growth on baseboards

This is the time of the year when mold can grow in your home due to cold outside walls. When cold meets hot you typically get condensation, moisture. The older homes in Toronto have minimal to no insulation in the walls which allows the walls to get cold when the outside temperatures drop. The warm […]

Preventing Attic Mold in December

Frost in the Attic

It’s that time of the year when you should check the attic. Your goal is avoiding damage to your attic from Mold and Moisture. The colder winter mornings when you can see frost on your car and the neighbourhood roofs it’s time to look up into your attic for frost. Hot humid air escaping into […]

Bedroom Mold

Mold growth on baseboards

I’m surprised at the number of calls we’re getting for bedroom mold in June & July. Typically most of these calls are surface mold, mold growing on paint and dust, always behind a mattress, dresser or side table that hasn’t been moved for quite some time. I’m surprised because most of these bedroom mold calls […]

Mold and Real Estate

As a purchaser would you rather find mold before or after the real estate transaction went through? Not all mold infected homes have visible mold showing, in a lot of cases it’s hiding in the walls with only small tell tale signs of its existence. So I pose the question again, Would you rather find […]

Mold in the Basement

“It Smells like a Basement” We all know what that smells like, moldy, musty or earthy. The problem is it shouldn’t smell like anything and when it does we shouldn’t be spending any significant time down there. Unusual odours in the basement are your early warning signs of mold growth, don’t ignore them because it […]

Bathroom Mold and Mildew

Probably the most common Mold Inspection call to a home is for mold and mildew on the bathroom ceiling and around the bath tub. The cause is moisture of course, not just moisture but standing moisture that hasn’t evaporated in a timely fashion (with 30 minutes). Bathroom fans They should run during a shower and […]

Water and Mold in Your Basement

Spring has sprung and the rains are coming! This is the time of year many people come to realize that they have a basement leak. Either through a foundation wall crack or through the concrete as the waterproofing starts to fail. Once water starts entering the basement you will begin to smell musty, earthy odours […]