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Bathroom Mold and Mildew

mold & mildew in bathroom

Bathroom Mold and Mildew

Last Updated on February 8, 2024

Probably the most common Mold Inspection call to a home is for mold and mildew on the bathroom ceiling and around the bath tub. The cause is moisture of course, not just moisture but standing moisture that hasn’t evaporated in a timely fashion (with 30 minutes).

Bathroom fans

  • They should run during a shower and for at least 30 minutes afterwards.
  • The fan grill should be cleaned every spring
  • With the door closed you should feel air being pulled into the room from under the door
  • Install a 60 minute timer if possible
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Never paint a bathroom with common household paint

Never paint a bathroom with common household paint, there are special mold and mildew resistant paints designed for bathroom walls and ceilings.

Bathroom paint and tub caulking have a 5 year mold and mildew resistant life expectancy. After 5 years it might be a great time to freshen up the bathroom with a color change and a tub re-caulking.

Catch mold and mildew early, when you see the start of mold and mildew on the ceiling or tub caulking clean it right away before it gets deep inside the paint or caulking. This is the time to choose your new bathroom colors and don’t forget to look or ask for “mold and mildew” resistant paints and caulking.

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