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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home For A Healthy Lifestyle


How To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home For A Healthy Lifestyle

Last Updated on October 10, 2016

Many times people think of air pollution as an occurrence for the outdoors only. This is because they often hear about haze, smog and ozone. However, indoor air happens to be more polluted as compared to outdoor air. In particular, indoor air at home is polluted by elements such as fire retardants, in-house dust (lead), radon and volatile chemicals emanating from the fragrant products. Carpet cleaners, furniture, mattresses, coat of paints and other elements also contribute to indoor air pollution. Most importantly, presence of mold at home causes air contamination. This is why you need effective steps to improve air quality and get rid of molds.

Maintain fresh floors


Home floors need to stay dry and clean. That means ensuring you suck out all the dust that is present on the floor using a good vacuum cleaner. Mopping goes a long way to help you remove dust and other allergens that may remain on the floor after you have vacuumed. When dealing with molds, you should look for signs and symptoms such as mold smells and presence of mold on floors and other surfaces.

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This will necessitate mold tests, which help determine the amount of mold problem that you may be dealing with at home. Indoor air quality test is one of the tests used to determine if there are molds. Molds can be eliminated by hiring Toronto mold inspection experts who have the right equipment and work experience to handle any kind of mold situation. Keep your floors and other surfaces clean, dry and fresh to keep off allergens.

Setting the right humidity level

Molds and dust mites particularly do well when there is humidity at home. It is recommendable to ensure that the level of humidity at home ranges from 30%-50%. This helps you to effectively control the presence of molds in the house. In the summers, moisture levels tend to be higher indoors. Using dehumidifiers helps reduce the amount of indoor moisture making it hard for molds and other allergens to thrive. You can also use air conditioners to regulate the level of humidity. Other effective ways of regulating moisture include fixing water leak points, using an exhaust fan and avoiding overwatering plants.

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Restricting cigarette smoking

The single most significant aspect of air pollution at home is second-hand cigarette smoke. This simply implies that you should not allow cigarette smoking at home. People who mostly suffer from asthma are at a higher risk of health complications if there is someone who smokes at home. Children happen to be the worst victims.

When using fragrance products, you should also be careful. People rarely take time to know the components of fragrance products. Some of the allergic reactions that you may experience at home result from components of fragrance products. A good alternative is opting for fragrance-free products or laundry products that are naturally scented.

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There are a number of things that you can do to keep your home safe from indoor air pollution. For instance, you can choose not to use aerosols that have chemical components with adverse effects. Allowing fresh air into your home is an effective way of ensuring air circulation. You can also use mild cleaners when doing general cleaning at home. Did you know that using lemons with baked soda helps give a nice scent in the kitchen? Well, now you do and you can work with the option for fresh air. Finally, you need to ensure that your home is free from molds, dusts and other allergens. Professional Toronto mold removal companies help you eliminate molds at home. Once you notice the presence of molds, you can simply act fast by making a phone call right away.