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Quick Tips To Help You Prevent Asthma Attacks At Home


Quick Tips To Help You Prevent Asthma Attacks At Home

Last Updated on April 21, 2015

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, then you must have been given reliever therapy as well as advice on how to prevent the attacks. And because asthma has no cure, it is prudent to use preventative treatment even if you are feeling well .You should note that there isn’t a sure way that one can employ to prevent asthma. But with these tips, you can help reduce asthma attacks and live a happy life:

Follow your asthma action plan


Your health care team or doctor can help you write a detailed plan for managing asthma attacks. One way will be a plan for taking medications. It is advisable that you follow the plan because it is going to help you minimize the occurrence of attacks. Because asthma is a recurring condition, it needs regular treatment and monitoring. Make sure that you take control of your treatment in order to make you feel in control of your life and also to prevent asthma attacks.

Get vaccinated for pneumonia and influenza

You should note that influenza and pneumonia are powerful triggers of asthma. So, by staying current with the vaccinations, your body will be able to prevent pneumonia or influenza from initiating asthma flare-ups.

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Monitor your breathing

Even as you work to avoid things that cause asthma, you should note that it is also important that you monitor your breathing. Because you have experienced attacks before, it is important that you learn to recognize the signs of an imminent attack, including; wheezing, slight coughing and shortness of breath. And because sometimes the lung function may be affected before you notice symptoms or signs, it is imperative to measure and also record your peak airflow with a peak flow meter. Do this on a regular basis for better results.

Treat attacks early

You need to act quickly so as to reduce chances of severe attacks. A good thing about doing this is that you also don’t have to go for as much medication in order to control your symptoms. Sometimes your peak flow measurements may decrease, but still alert you of an oncoming attack, if this happens, make sure that you take your medication and immediately stop the activity that may have triggered this attack. If these symptoms persist, get medical help because this is what your medical plan entails.

Increase the quick relief inhaler usage

You should pay attention to this especially when you find yourself relying much on the quick relief inhaler. If this is what is happening, then it means your condition is not under control, so you need to see your doctor so that they can adjust your treatment.

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Avoid cold weather

One of the major triggers of asthma symptoms is cold weather or air. If you find yourself wheezing or finding it difficult to breath, then you need to avoid cold air and be in warm clothes. This happens in cold seasons such as winter. You also want to stay indoors on very windy or cold days. If it is a must go out, make sure that you wear a scarf over your mouth and nose and be extra careful about taking your regular medications. Also, keep your rescue inhalers close by and should be in a warm place.

Eat healthily

You should make it a habit to eat a healthy diet. This should come with plenty of vegetable and fresh fruits as well as a few additives. Some of the food items you can include in your diet include ginger, mustard oil, figs, garlic, eucalyptus oil and coffee.

Avoid things that can trigger asthma attacks

There are quite many other asthma triggers such as black mold, smoke, dust, pollen pet factor and cockroaches among others. It is prudent that you get a professional to inspect your home for black mold. This way, they will be able to identify even the hard to reach areas where the mold may have infested and then work ways to have it removed. You should note that black mold can also cause allergies so it is prudent to have it removed as early as it is possible. Dust and pet factor can find their way under your carpet and other areas. So, it is also important that you get a carpet cleaning company to help you in the area.

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Avoid smoke as much as you can because this will only trigger attacks, something that you have been working hard to correct. And during the house cleaning process, make sure that you get rid of the roaches from the house. Family members can come in handy in this too. Always make sure that you take the necessary steps to avoid these triggers.

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