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Can I Use Home Mold Testing Kits Instead of Mold Inspection?

Can I Use Home Mold Testing Kits Instead of Mold Inspection

Can I Use Home Mold Testing Kits Instead of Mold Inspection?

Last Updated on December 9, 2022

It is very important to avoid purchasing mold test kits. Unfortunately, home mold test kits are a waste of money. Here are some of the reasons why you should not Use Home Mold Testing Kits Instead of Mold Inspection.

Reasons Why Mold Test Kits Are A Waste Your Money

Mold inspection is the most important part, not the mold samples.

Mold samples can be misleading, in that they can sometimes falsely Negative and positive results can occur, and they can only be correctly interpreted if a well-planned and visual inspection is performed in conjunction with infra red thermal imaging.

For example, water sources, construction, and other factors that may be difficult to perceive to some individuals, such as ice formation in a poorly ventilated attic, excessively drained yards, and cracks in the foundations, may all be foreseen as potential problems.

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Consumer Reports rates home mold test kits “Not Recommended”.

Demonstrated Lab Inaccuracies

I’ve been told of “high mold” counts coming from DIY kits when the actual levels were low, and vice versa with “low mold” counts when the actual levels were very high.

Kits Do Not Account for Dead Spores:

DIY kits that deal with settling plates and other water-damage-prevention projects are geared towards eliminating mold, but dead spores can also cause health problems. For example, Stachybotys, Chaetomium, and Ulocladium might not be visible on the DIY kit.

Mold test kits do not provide meaningful answers.

Even though these kits are only intended to detect the presence of mold in the home, they are, in fact, quite limited in their testing abilities. They are merely “gravity” or “settling” plates, similar to settling plates used in scientific testing procedures.

This is because setting out a plate of fruit for a few weeks is about as long as it takes for mold to grow on it. If you leave food on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks, mold will form on it, and finding mold on the food doesn’t necessarily mean there is a mold problem in the house.

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It is critical to understand that mould is everywhere, and mould grows on all surfaces, in houses, buildings, and outdoors. All homes and areas in them harbour mould spores, which can be detected in the air, on surfaces, and on furniture.

If you sample a Petri dish and pick a sample, you will most likely find mould growing on it. That’s not helpful information!

Mold test kits cause fear to make money for mold test kit manufacturers.

Mold inspections don’t need to answer the question: “Are there mold spores in the air?” We already know the answer is almost always “Yes,” unless it’s a place like a hospital operating theater.

Using a petri dish wouldn’t provide any useful information. All it would do is confirm what we already know – that there are mold spores in the air.

Home mold testing kits are only produced to make money for the companies who sell them and to cause fear in the people who use them

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The mold industry advises against home mold test kits.

It is contrary to the opinion of all reputable organisations in the indoor air quality field to advocate against using these types of samples. a well-recognized book in the mold industry “Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control” by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) advises against using the types of samples included in these home mold testing kits.

Bottom Line

The main purpose of these mold test kits is to generate profit for the companies selling them. They often cause fear in the person taking the sample, but don’t provide any real value. The most crucial element of a mold inspection isn’t the mold sample—it’s the inspection of the building itself for sources of moisture and evidence of mold

Mold is present in every home, even if it is in a small amount. Still, the mold is a problem that no wants to deal with. The hassles of going through an inspection and removal are not something that you can be a fan of. But you don’t have any other choice, do you? The troubles will have to be borne but the end result is worth it.

To get to its core, it is necessary to hire an expert Toronto mold removal service provider. The one who has the right experience and expertise in this field and can finish the job with satisfactory results. Read our article on Tips for Hiring the Right Mold Removal Services