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Commercial And Residential Surfaces That Are Often Affected By Mold And Mildew

Commercial And Residential Surfaces That Are Often Affected By Mold And Mildew

Last Updated on March 9, 2016

There are two kinds of mold removal products: exterior mold products and interior mold products. The former is used when dealing with presence of mold in exterior surfaces while the latter is used indoors. Mold removal products are specifically designed to remove molds from various surfaces at home and prevent mold regrowth. There are things that may have never crossed about mold removal agents for external and internal surfaces. Here is more on mold removal agents and important things that can help you make the most of out of these products.

Exterior environment

Apparently, mold can grow and spread rapidly in the home exterior given certain conditions. When there is a good combination of moisture and other contaminants in the environment such as moss, mold and mildew, soiled surfaces easily acquire airborne particles that lead to health implications especially in children and pets playing outside. In that case, these possibilities can be reduced when appropriate measures are put in place. This is where Toronto mold removal contractors come in to ensure that the situation is under control. Commercial buildings affected by mold benefit a lot from their services.

Removal of exterior mold

External surfaces that are greatly affected by uncontrolled growth of mold and mildew include walkways, home exteriors driveways, patios and parking lots for commercial buildings. Use of highly effective methods goes a long way to restore and revive these places by eliminating molds. Some of the solutions that are conventionally employed to deal with mold include use of highly corrosive chemicals. Although these agents effectively get rid of mold, they also pose risk to the environment. Another alternative is painting over the affected surfaces but this option is short-term. It only takes some time before living mold spores appear on the surface again.

Interior surfaces

Things get worse when dealing with interior surfaces. This is because high moisture level is the driving factor for rapid mold growth in interior surfaces. Homes and commercial buildings suffer the most especially if there are water damages. Presence of mold and mildew can cause health problems. In addition, mold odors makes a place feel uncomfortable. In that case, the threat has to be eliminated to avoid problems that may arise and cause health implications. This involves preparing the home for mold remediation after hiring mold contractors.

Interior mold remediation

Just like the exterior mold remediation project, interior mold removal may also involve use of corrosive chlorine based cleaners and bleaches. Even though these products may give a significant outcome in mold removal, they are still harmful to the environment as they leave behind toxic fumes. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives that can work when doing an interior mold remediation project.

These green approaches ensure that molds are eliminated without posing any risk to the environment. The products used include vinegar, borax and baking-soda among others. For commercial interiors, highly corrosive products can be used when people are away to completely wipe off molds.

Hiring mold contractors helps a lot to eliminate mold and mildew threat at home and commercial buildings. For very mild cases, you can DIY using environmental friendly mold removal products. The experts step in when the situation is uncontrollable. Services for mold remediation may vary depending on the contractor you hire. You may have to prepare your home for mold remediation projects in some cases. This may also be done by mold removal experts. With proper preparation of both the exterior and internal surfaces of homes and commercial buildings, contractors can easily deal with serious cases of mold and mildew.