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Debunking Old Myths About Black Mold

Debunking Old Myths About Black Mold

Last Updated on June 23, 2016

Black mold, also known as toxic mold, is one of the types of molds that thrive in damp and dark places. Whilst some of you may think that it is perfectly alright to see traces of these molds in your home thinking that it is normal, you have to remember that this can harm you and your entire family’s health. In order to be more familiar with facts about black mold, you first have to identify those not so good old myths about it.

Myth #1: Black mold is the only type of mold that can cause danger to your life

Fact: Being toxic as they are, black molds are often thought of as the only type of mold that needs to be eliminated in a structure. It is correct that this mold’s strains are more toxic when compared to all other types. You have to remember though that molds, no matter how less toxic they can be, are still toxic all in all which means all types of molds can pose dangers to your health. In fact, all types of molds can prosper into being black molds when left unattended. Therefore, before you even ignore all other types of molds remember that they can all bring danger eventually.

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Myth #2: Molds are never dangerous when you cannot see or smell them

Fact: There are black molds that cannot be seen by the naked eye or cannot be smelled by the nose. Why is it even possible not to see or smell them in the first place? Well, molds love to hide in crevices or cavities on your floors and ceilings. Some others can be blown away by air reason for you not to smell them. Whilst this is the case, you have to bear in mind that molds still produce chemicals no matter where they are hiding. Before you even know it, you can be very sick just because you failed to see or smell it.

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Myth #3: You can easily use house cleaning products to get rid of black mold.

Fact: How we wish this notion is true. Many times, you may have read about people saying that bleach can clean mold. To some extent, this liquid cleaning product can help as smearing a portion of it can somehow make molds disappear thus making you assume that you have killed the culprit. The truth is the effects are just temporary and superficial. This can be attributed to the fact that liquid bleach is not plain bleach. It is a combination of about 6% sodium hypochlorite and the remaining 94% is water. In effect, once the chlorine evaporates, all is left on the treated portion is water which will then feed the mold.

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Understanding the importance of removing black mold through remediation

Mold remediation experts in mold removal (not just black mold) will be the best solution to get rid of mold. These professionals can work into spotting mold wherever they might be hiding in your homes even those that you cannot see and smell. They do not just use bleach to kill the mold. They have the equipment and know-how guaranteed to work on solving your problems with molds before the situation will worsen. They can assure you that molds will be under control when you ask their help in the entire process – from the inspection to the removal.

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to spot mold in your homes but when someone gets sick with an unknown cause, you might want to have your house inspected. Seek the help of experts in black mold removal in Toronto to get rid of these ‘pests’.