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Getting A Mold Removal Contractor In Toronto: What Can You Expect?


Getting A Mold Removal Contractor In Toronto: What Can You Expect?

Last Updated on October 28, 2014

The presence of mold in a home can have negative consequences on the quality of life within that home. For instance, there are some species of black mold that are usually highly virulent and will cause severe respiratory disease. In addition to that, some molds tend to have a weird smell that can be repulsive especially when the mold grows out of control. It is therefore imperative that you consult a professional to help you get rid of the mold as fast as possible when you notice some of these problems.

Removing the mold yourself: Is it wise?


Having to call a Toronto mold removal contractor will cost you some money. On account of this, there are some people who will prefer to simply clean the part of the house that has the mold. Unfortunately, there are a number of complications that are normally associated with this. Some of these include:

• You may put yourself at risk –

When you undertake to remove mold in an area such as the basement, you may be exposed to some of the spores it produces. If you are susceptible and if the mold is virulent enough, you may end up acquiring conditions such as asthma attacks or fungal lung infections. If this happens to you, you will end up spending a lot more than it would have cost you to get the contractor. Remember, fungal infections are usually very difficult to treat and in some cases may need long periods of hospitalization.

• You may not be able to know if all the molds are removed –

Once you have cleaned an area such as a basement, how do you know that there are no spores in the area? Even if it’s not possible to get rid of all the molds in the basement, you should at least aim to make sure that most of it is removed. If you don’t have the expertise, it might be difficult for you to figure this out, and you may find the problem recurring more frequently than you might want.

• It simply takes up too much time –

There are some cases where the mold infestation is so severe that you will need to spend a lot of time doing the cleaning. If you have other obligations such as work or school, this might end up wasting a lot of your precious time.

What should you expect from the mold removal expert?

If you decide to call a mold removal contractor to help you get rid of it, there are a few things you should expect from them especially if they are of high quality. Some of these include:

• An inspection of the property:

The contractor should first try to find out what the extent of the problem is. Depending on the quality of the contractor, they might have to go as far as doing some lab work on the specimens of the mold to find out its species so as to figure out how best to get rid of it. If they offer quotes and timelines without doing this, you should be a bit sceptical of them.

• Mold removal using specialized chemicals:

Typically, most mold species may not be completely removed using simple soap and water. Chemicals such as bleach and ammonia have been found to be more effective in this regard. If you are working with a skilled contractor, they can also use other chemicals that are safe for the environment and which will not do much damage to your house.

• Testing after the mold removal:

Once they complete the project, a professional contractor will not simply pack up and go. They will test the premises again to find out if there is any residual mold left, and then get rid of this if need be. This might be immediately after the cleaning or a few days or weeks later. This ensures that a thorough job is done, and that you end up getting more value for money.

• Putting in place measures to prevent recurrence:

For a more holistic service, some contractors will not simply do the mold removal and then leave. They will also give you information about some of the factors that predispose to mold infestation in your home, and then give you tips on how to prevent the problem from recurring in future. For instance, they might inspect the home for sources of leaks in the basement, and the point them out to you if you had not noticed them.

There are many mold removal contractors in Toronto, but not all of them are thorough in removing mold. If you want to get service that approximates the above, you would need to insist on working with the ones who have a lot of experience in the field. Some of them might cost you slightly more than the average mold removal expert, but you will certainly get good value for money.