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How Health Problems Can Indicate Mold Growth In Your Home


How Health Problems Can Indicate Mold Growth In Your Home

Last Updated on September 1, 2014

Is there mold growth within the comfort of your own home? Are you sure? So many people live their ordinary lives without even noticing mold growth in some areas inside their home. You have to be concerned about mold growth since not only can it destroy various items within your home but it can also cause a number of health concerns. If you experience the following health problems, there is a huge chance that mold is growing somewhere in your home:


• Runny nose

You have been suffering from a runny nose and it seems the medication you are taking is not working at all. You take a lot of vitamins and you eat healthy food. But it seems that all the nutrients you get from these are not stopping your body to excrete mucous out of your nose. Well, a frequent or recurring runny nose is a common indication that there is mold growth in your home. Do you often get a runny nose after using the bathroom or the kitchen sink? If so, there is probably mold growth in those areas.

• Wheezing

Do you hear a whistle blow every time you breathe? Nope, there is nothing wrong with your brain and you are not hearing imaginary sounds. You could have been wheezing. People usually wheeze after inhaling a significant amount of mold spores. The mold spores enter their lungs and their lungs get irritated. The air sacs get inflamed and that is why there becomes little space for air to travel through – thus, the wheezing sound. If you ever start to wheeze after mold spore exposure, let your body rest. Take antihistamine upon the recommendation of a doctor.

• Coughing

You suffer from coughs as well as colds every time your body gets infected by viruses. Nevertheless, you might also start coughing – usually very badly, if there are a lot of mold spores floating within your home. The body coughs as a natural reaction to all those harmful particles that enter the lungs. Usually, coughing has something to do with asthma attack. So if you have a sensitive set of lungs, you should really be on guard for mold growth.

• Redness of eyes

Mold growth within the home can also cause family members to suffer redness of eyes. Mold spores can also irritate the eyes easily. They float around the air and they usually get caught up within the eyelids. Sometimes, too much mold spores irritate the eyes that not only does the eye become very bloody red, but it tear ducts are also forced to excrete a lot of tears. If your eyes ever get red because of mold spores, wash it with water and let it rest for a while.

These are just some common health indications that there could be mold growing somewhere within your home. You would want to ensure your safety as well as your family’s, don’t you? Contact us at The Mold Guy and we will make sure that your home is mold-free.