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How To Keep Mold Away From Your Baby’s Room


How To Keep Mold Away From Your Baby’s Room

Last Updated on May 15, 2014

You would not want mold to grow in your home not just because it is unsightly but it is also dangerous to your family’s health. It can cause breathing problems as well as skin irritations. The ones that are most in danger are the youngest family members in your household. So if you have a baby, it is important that you keep his room free from mold.

Waterproof the room

Are there pipes that are installed near the baby’s room? When was the last time you had them checked for leaks? Have them checked immediately because leaks can encourage mold growth. If there are pipes that go between the walls, it is important to have these checked as well. It is also important to have liquid spills to be cleaned up as soon as possible. If water is spilled on fabric materials, have them dried right away. Keep the room dry and you would not have to worry about mold.

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Maintain a good level of humidity

The humidity of the bedroom should be between thirty and sixty percent. Do not go beyond these points. Going beyond sixty percent will definitely encourage mold growth. You know that it is very humid in your place if you always notice condensation on your walls. If you know that it can really get humid in your location, you might want to use a dehumidifier. Getting a dehumidifier is really a good investment. You should shop for a good one.

Improve airflow


Your baby must be as comfortable as possible and to do that, it is important that there is good airflow in his room. Good airflow not only ensures comfort but it can also help prevent mold growth. If air is continually flowing throughout the room, then dampness can be avoided. Open the bedroom door for better airflow; the windows too. If there are closets in your baby’s room, you might want to open them from time to time as well so that mold cannot grow in them.

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Invest in mold-resistant products

It would do your baby good if his room is equipped with mold-resistant products. Instead of getting cheap, ordinary drywalls, invest on the mold-resistant drywalls. These are water resistant and mold can never grow on them. You might also want to go for mold-free flooring as well. Wood is a food source for mold and that is why it can be one of your last options when it comes to flooring. A good suggestion for flooring would be cork flooring since it is hypoallergenic – therefore, it is mold-resistant.

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These are just some ways on how to make sure that mold does not grow in your baby’s room. If you have a case of mold growth in your home, you might want to consider hiring The Mold Guy. We are a company that specializes in mold inspection and removal. We also test for asbestos, and this service can be of use to you especially if you are living in an old house. Old houses are possibly made out of asbestos products and asbestos is not safe for your baby.