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Learn About Factors That Facilitate Mold Growth In Your Home!


Learn About Factors That Facilitate Mold Growth In Your Home!

Last Updated on October 22, 2013

Many people know that the presence of mold in the house is not a good thing. For many, the musty smell associated with a mold infestation is often repulsive, and this is one of the main reasons why most people seek to get rid of them. However, there are other reasons why this needs to be done. For one, the presence of such mold can pose a health risk to the inhabitants of the house. Most mold infections are very difficult to treat, and might need months of treatment before they are fully controlled.

One of the keys to proper management of such molds is understanding why they affect some houses and not others. This way, one can then know how to handle them in such a manner that they will not be nuisance for long. Some of the things that increase the presence of molds in the home include:

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A damp environment


A major prerequisite for mold infestation is the presence of excess moisture in the home. The molds need this in order to thrive, and this is why they are normally found in areas with dampness such as the basement. This means that if you are keen on avoiding molds, you need to find ways of keeping the air dry. For instance, if you have a flooded basement, you would need to first get rid of the mold using our professional services, and then use services such as basement waterproofing to ensure that the problem never recurs again. In some cases, you can even use humidifiers to get rid of any excess moisture from the air in a room.

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Poor mold removal techniques

There are times when you might attempt to get rid of molds, but only succeed in making the problem worse. For instance, during the process of removal, the spores may be dispersed over a larger area, and this means that the molds will grow back in larger quantities than before. This means that if you need to avoid this issue, you need to be very keen about how you get your mold removal services. For instance, we use nothing but the best scientific methods which have been proven to work, so you can trust our workmanship. It is also standard operating procedure to screen for any remaining mold once the process is done, so that any residues can be gotten rid of to avoid recontamination.

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Pets that roam around

If you have pets that are at liberty to roam around outside, they might also increase the risk of getting such molds. This is because the spores may be carried by the animal fur and then deposited onto surfaces in the home, where they develop into molds. One way of avoiding this is by making sure that you clean your pets properly, such as through the regular use of dog shampoo for your dogs.

If you have the above in mind, it will become much easier for you to institute more effective measures in combating the presence of mold in your home.