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Mold Inspection, the Good, Bad and the Ugly!


Mold Inspection, the Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Last Updated on November 5, 2012

I’ve been inspecting for a few years now and I’ve heard some very interesting stories about mold inspectors that were called in before me and I thought I’d share.
You can wake up one morning and decide to become a mold inspector

The Mold Industry is unregulated in most provinces in Canada, Ontario being one of them. It means that there isn’t an official test to become a Mold Inspector or a Mold Remover or a license required. You can go to bed being the CEO of Buttons Inc. and wake up and decide to become a mold inspector. It is left to the individual to find their own training if they choose to go that route. Always Check for Credentials!

A home inspector finds mold in the attic and has the homeowner call around for an attic mold inspection. The homeowner calls three companies to inspect the attic, me being the third call. The first two companies came without a ladder, one showed up in a car. Guess who got that job.

I was called in after some other mold inspection companies to look at mold on the bathroom ceiling. The mold & mildew on the ceiling was spotty and approximately 1’ x 1’ in size.

The first mold inspector quoted on a complete removal of the bathroom and a complete microbial spraying of the entire house.

The second mold inspector wrote a 12 page mold removal protocol that was cut and pasted from the asbestos removal manual and the price was more than the first quote.

I was called to inspect the bathroom mold, I gave a thorough inspection of the bathroom. I went to my truck and retrieved my microbial disinfectant with a little hydrogen peroxide mix, gave the mold and mildew a little spray and wipe, presto! The mold and mildew was gone. I instructed them to re-paint the ceiling with bathroom quality paint and use the exhaust fan longer, I think it was the best inspection money they ever spent.

I was called to a home that had a bedroom wall remediated and declared clean. Two walls had been removed 4’ up from the floor with a hammer, all visible mold had been removed. The entire room and contents were covered in drywall dust and debris. Far from clean or professional.

Please be Careful about who you let work on your home