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Preventing Mold Growth In Industrial And Commercial Areas

Preventing Mold Growth In Industrial And Commercial Areas

Last Updated on August 3, 2016

Mold is naturally found in the environment almost everywhere. Whether it is present indoors or outdoors, its presence can be a big challenge if it starts growing in offices, homes and other commercial buildings. Mold is problematic because it poses serious health issues to the people who are exposed to mold for a long time. Therefore, it becomes highly important that commercial buildings and offices remain mold free because workers and employees spend most of their time in those buildings.

Where can mold grow?

Mold can easily grow in all types of surfaces if there is moisture/water present along with an ideal temperature and a nutrient source. One can easily stop mold growth if he manages to eliminate excess moisture and water from the area.

How to prevent mold growth in industrial and commercial areas

If your prime goal is to keep your commercial property safe from mold growth, you can take the following steps for eliminating excess moisture and water.

• The first step is to identify and mark all the areas where you see mold is present. It could be on the building finishes, furniture and other on other materials. It is better if you seek assistance from a reputable Toronto mold removal contractor in this regard. They can tell you about the type of mold that is present and can also recommend the potential remediation options.

• Once your area is mold free, you need to ensure that it remains like this. Look for damp areas in your building or see where there is moisture and condensation present. Try to find its root cause and rectify the problem at its earliest so that the mold problem does not reoccur.

• If you notice any plumbing leaks, get them repaired immediately. You must also address the related damage caused by them.

• In summers and spring, make sure the HVAC fans are clean and are working efficiently.

• You must make an effort in maintaining relative humidity level of your premises at 50%. According to the several regulatory authorities of Canada, it is required to keep the humidity level at 30% and relative humidity to be less than 45% in winters so that condensation can be avoided.

• It is your prime responsibility to ensure that all heating producing equipment like dryers and stoves are vented to the outdoors and meet all building codes.

• Same rule applies for the bathrooms and kitchens as well. They should be properly vented and meet all safety standards at the same time.

• You must make serious effort in reducing the indoor moisture level. This can be done by improving your house ventilation system, using a dehumidifier and repairing leaks as soon as possible.

• At any time you sense moldy and musty odors, they should immediately be reported and addressed.

• Being the owner of the building, you need to ensure that the entire building envelope including window access and doors are properly sealed against any potential water infiltration.

• Drainage system should be perfectly fine in commercial buildings. Check whether the backfill is sloped away from the foundation of industrial and commercial property.

• Regular preventive maintenance checkup of HVAC system is mandatory at the same time. Check whether its major components are working perfectly fine. Furthermore, get a thorough building inspection done by a professional after some time.

• In case any of the HVAC system components like cooling apparatus, coils, drain pans and humidifiers are exposed to water, you need to ensure that they are kept clean all the time and get their regular maintenance done. The equipment manufacturers always give a maintenance schedule that must be strictly followed.

The above mentioned advices seem quite long but are fairly easy to follow. Once you try to make them a part of routine, you will see a healthy environment prevailing in your apartments and office building. Your employees will remain safe from any mold-related health problems and above all, your customers will be happy to visit your business premises as well.