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What Is The Right Time For Mold Inspection?


What Is The Right Time For Mold Inspection?

Last Updated on December 3, 2014


Mold can really be a menace in a home especially because it causes chronic diseases that people often suffer from. Asthma, allergies and respiratory complaints are some of the common problems people suffer due to mold. The question is do you think that mold is thriving somewhere in your house? What are the signs that mold is growing in your home? Below are the major signs that mold is in your house and it is time for immediate inspection and action for removal:

Allergic symptoms

If someone in your home is having a problem with allergies, it is possible there could be mold growing in one of the hidden areas of your home. Some of the commonly known allergic reactions include sore eyes, runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion among others. These reactions can be worse when at home than when you go out, so you need to go call for a thorough mold inspection and removal.

Smelling a mold odor

Not everyone will tell that it is a mold odor especially if it is their first time in a new home. Usually, it smells like wet soil combined with some dying plants. Whenever mold grows somewhere in the house, a moldy smell could be the only clue that this toxic substance is there. It is hard to see the sign of mold for first timers but if you can smell the odor, don’t ignore it. Have the home inspected before the issue is hard to manage.

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Seeing signs of mold growth

Most people ignore visible mold in the house just because they think it is a soot of a kind. These small particles are an obvious sign of mold growth in the house and call for quick action. Mold patches can spread fast as long as the conditions in your home are favorable for the growth. And since these small particles are already in there, then your home is a conducive environment for their growth. Mold is also known to grow in hard to reach or hard to see areas, so it might be hard for you to tell that your house is already infested. But if you notice patches of dark looking or white looking particles, then those are possible signs that the home is a haven for these toxic particles. Other signs include particles with colors such as gray-brown and gray-green as well as pink, orange or purple colored particles.

Signs of water problems

Long term moisture problems in any house also come with growth of mold. If your house has heard water problems for sometime, don’t wait further. Have the water problem fixed alongside with mold inspection. Long term water problems are a pretty good sign that your house is infested. You can tell that your home has moisture problems by spotting discoloration on your walls, ceilings and floors as well as water stains on your surfaces. Other good signs for water problem include surface abnormalities such as bubbling, peeling, warping or bulging and these are signs that water has seeped in there. Have mold inspection done immediately if you see the above water problems.

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Water leaks

As you know, the major cause of the above mentioned water problems is water leaks. However, if you are having water leaks in your house such as the leaking pipes, then just know that even if you don’t see any signs of water damage, chances are high that your house has been infested by mold. And this is so if the leaks have taken a little sometime before being fixed. You should note that mold hides behind the surfaces or walls and it is very hard to notice that your home is already infested.


Lots of condensation in any house is a sure sign that it has high amount of moisture. Mold requires moisture, air and food in order to grow, and since your house already has lots of moisture (one of the requirements for growth), then mold is already wrecking havoc in the house. Condensation happens on surfaces like glass, metal pipes and windows, a great haven for mold. You should note that although condensation is commonly known to create builds up of moisture, it is also a sign that your home has humidity problem. High humidity levels can feed mold for the rest of the time especially if action is not taken. Thorough mold inspection is highly recommended.

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Past flooding

Most homeowners have the misconception that after a flood affected area has dried out, that mold is also gone. Mold can go dormant for hundreds of years even if the area seems dry. It is proper that you run thorough inspection of the area after it has dried up.

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