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What’s The Link Between Mold Exposure And Your Health?


What’s The Link Between Mold Exposure And Your Health?

Last Updated on June 1, 2016

Have you noticed a fuzzy black coating on your bedroom walls or anywhere inside your bathroom? You probably did not think much about the coating when you saw it. Only later did you realize that what you saw is black mold. It thrives in wet and humid environments and spreads quicker than bush fire in some instances. It can be easily seen on other areas at home like on furniture, ceiling and sometimes even on clothing. Sometimes, if the situation is severe, you will see this phenomenon in almost every section of your house.

People take black mold seriously when they see it because it’s possible that they fall sick because of overexposure to it. But how in the first place do you know that you are exposing yourself to black mold? It is easy; your health can give you hints. You only need to be keen on the following symptoms and you should then call a mold remediation company as soon as you can.

Common symptoms

The severity of black mold poisoning always depends on quantity of spores as well as exposure time. Younger children and the elderly tend to suffer more from exposure as compared to relatively young people. That is mostly because of their weak immune systems. This does not mean that young, healthy people can put with exposure to mold for a long time. Exposure for a month whether one is young or old will lead to obvious symptoms like nausea, allergic reactions of the respiratory and nervous system, fatigue and red eyes.

Be particularly keen if you have an expectant person living with you. Have the room of the expectant person remediated as soon as possible. That is because long term exposure to black mold can easily lead to miscarriage. Studies also reveal that there is a link between infertility and exposure to black mold.

Black mold and respiratory complications

respiratory problem

Contact a mold remediation service provider anytime you and your loved ones develop respiratory problems simultaneously. Symptoms like breathing difficulties, chest congestion, wheezing, increased mucus production and chronic coughing have a lot to do with mold exposure. It gets serious when one experiences symptoms like nose bleeding and burning sensation in the throat. Such symptoms always indicate serious exposure to mold. They also point out to the fact that your living spaces could be heavily infested.

Black mold induced allergies

Over exposure to mold never goes down well with people who have sensitive immune systems. That is because mold easily invades the human system and triggers a number of allergies as already hinted. Once in the system, it develops hyphae, which refers to minute pores that contain appendages. Hyphae then causes one to have a runny nose, teary eyes and an itchy throat. If a person already has breathing complications like asthma, the person will experience symptoms like wheezing sound as well as excessive coughing. With that in mind, always ensure that your home is regularly inspected for mold if you have anyone under your roof living with asthma.

Nervous system disorders

This may sound strange to most homeowners, but there is actually a direct link between mold exposure and nervous system disorders. Overexposure to mold triggers excess production of glutamate and PEA. These are brain cells that only get produced in moderation. Excess production produced electrifying brain signals. This leads to an unstable, over electrified nervous system which causes anxiety attacks, insomnia and even bipolar disorder.

If you encounter any of the above symptoms, seek medical attention at your earliest convenience. It’s also important for you to contact a mold removal company as well. This should be easy if you live in Toronto as such services are easily accessible. That is in fact why mold removal in Toronto is affordable.