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When Do You Need To Get Infrared Thermal Imaging Services?

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When Do You Need To Get Infrared Thermal Imaging Services?

Last Updated on September 19, 2013

Ensuring that you have a comfortable home is more than just renovating or enhancing the décor. When you want to ensure that your home is in the best condition, you need comprehensive home inspection. One of the most common problems that affect homes is the issue of mold. Mold will not only lead to health complications, it can also damage the home. The structural integrity of the home is affected and it can lead to extensive damage.

When you get inspection from a professional company, you get the benefit of the best technology and equipment for the inspection. One of the most effective ways to identify mold in hidden areas is through the use of thermal imaging.

At The Mold Guy, we carry out Thermal Imaging technology to investigate issue of mold in locations that are impossible to see like behind walls. With this technique, it is not necessary to tear down walls during inspection. The imaging cameras are very effective tools today.

1. Buying a home

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If you are in the market for a home, you should carry out research and due diligence to ensure that you make the best purchase decision. By having a thermal inspection done on the home, you can make sure that you buy a home that is in good condition.

Buying a home is a huge investment and the last thing you need is to spend money on a home that will require extensive and costly repair. Having all the important details about the condition of the home will help you to make a good purchase decision. A thermal diagnostic report can help the home inspector to carry out an effective job.

2. Selling your home

When you decide to sell your home, it is important to get professional inspection so that you can identify any issues that require repair. The condition of the home will determine if you get your asking price and when you know any hidden issues, you can schedule the repairs before putting the home on the market. The home will require mortgage property inspection and getting a detailed diagnostic survey and producing visual documentation of the results will show prospective buyers that the home is in the best condition.

3. Renovating the home

If you decide to renovate your home, you need to come up with a good plan, which includes determining the most essential projects. It is not easy to identify the work that needs to be done through casual observation. In some cases, it is necessary to get thermal imaging services especially if your house is old or if you have gone through issues like flooding or plumbing leaks. Thermal imaging will help to identify existing problems, instead of embarking on costly renovations without knowing the problem areas.

Ensuring that the structure of the home is in good condition is very important. A diagnostic survey will help to avoid all the problems that people encounter and you can identify if the home will need minor or major repairs. You can make sure that your home is comfortable and secure through a comprehensive inspection.