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Why Spraying Mold Is Actually A Very Bad Idea


Why Spraying Mold Is Actually A Very Bad Idea

Last Updated on October 20, 2015

Mold is likely to stain your walls and leave your home with an unpleasant look as well as a distinct odor that probably will make you very uncomfortable. This means that you must find a way to get rid of it as soon as you spot it. Mold also causes a number of respiratory, skin and mental conditions that you need to avoid. Most people would thus go for what is supposed to be the simplest DIY solution: spraying with bleach or chemicals. Well, this does not even qualify as a solution.

You may be removing the odor and discoloration, but that’s all. There is more to mold than just the color and the odor. Here are a few things that you’ll need to understand before you can appreciate the significance of the actual mold removal.

So, what are molds really?

Molds are simply fungi, they are not plants or animals that you can see easily. They are particularly destructive, especially when they grow on fabric, walls and floors as well as carpets and ceilings among other things. This is because they feed on the materials used to make these items. So when you ignore molds in your home or office for too long, you are simply giving them time to wreck some irreversible havoc.

One thing that you must accept at this point is that sometimes, the only solution to molds is removing the affected items. If mold has grown extensively on your carpet, the best solution would be to remove that carpet. And unless you remove the mold, it will not go away on its own. Also, the fact that they are alive means that the more time you give them, the more they grow and thus the more damage they cause.

How do they grow?


Molds require food, water and the perfect temperature ranges to grow. Unfortunately, all these conditions are easy to come by in the indoors. These fungi feed on wood and paper as well as the materials used to make tiles, floors and carpets. This explains why molds can basically grow anywhere. Also, the water does not really have to be in plenty. An occasional leakage or burst pipe in the basement would be sufficient to provide all the water needed to start the growth process. Also, these molds reproduce in the form of spores that are airborne. As such, once they start growing in one part of your home, they could spread stealthily and take over your premises in a record short time.

Spraying solves nothing

When you spray molds, you may manage to kill the spores. Bleach will also help with the discoloration, especially if you are dealing with black mold. But what are you really looking to achieve? Removing mold from your house has to be a full process involving the removal of all the spores, both dead and alive. This is because the spraying will only kill the fungi and leave them in your house. It has been conclusively established that the dead spores will harm you just as much as the live ones will. So other than exposing yourself and your loved ones to the chemicals and the bleach, you will also have succeeded in creating the illusion of safety while actually exposing your household to some serious effects of mold.

If you suspect that you have black mold in your home, do seek professional services in black mold removal in Toronto. The professionals will be able to conduct a thorough inspection and deal with it accordingly. Rather than spraying the mold, it is wiser to find a permanent solution with the help of a qualified mold removal service provider in your area.