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Why You Should Be Worried About Mold In Your Home If You Have Young Kids


Why You Should Be Worried About Mold In Your Home If You Have Young Kids

Last Updated on October 22, 2013

Indoor molds are pathogens that are more important than many people think. It therefore makes a lot of sense for one to try and get rid of them as much as possible. A very important part of this is when you have children in the house. Most kids are susceptible to harm by such molds, mainly due to the fact that they have an immature immune system. This means that many times, they are likely to manifest more extreme forms of illness if they are exposed to the molds for too long. One of the most severe form of lung disease is pulmonary hemorrhage.

What is pulmonary hemorrhage?


In a nutshell, this refers to bleeding into the lungs. It’s a condition that is characterized by damage to the lungs and the blood vessels within them, which leads to leakage of blood. The individual who has pulmonary hemorrhage has the sensation of drowning, since the blood bathing the lungs may reduce their capacity to breath properly. This also manifests as having difficulty in breathing.

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As you can imagine, this is a condition that you don’t want your child to have. If severe, it can lead to death within a very short time, especially if the child does not get the right medical care needed to treat it.

What factors increase the likelihood of your child getting this kind of hemorrhage due to exposure to molds?

A number of factors increase the risk of your child getting this form of hemorrhage. One of the most important is age. When a child is very young, it means that their tissues are immature, which in turn means that they are likely to suffer from such conditions easily. Young children also have a very weak immune system, so their bodies might not know how to handle exposure to the molds in the appropriate manner.

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Other issues that can increase the risk of this condition include the amount of spores inhaled as well as the species of the molds. Some species are known to be more toxic than others, and are therefore more likely to cause this disease even when only a small quantity is inhaled.

How can you prevent this?

Prevention of this condition is very straightforward: you only need to prevent contact between your child and the mold. There are several ways to think about this. For instance, if you are expecting a child, you could decide to get the services of a mold removal expert to get rid of the molds before they are born. This way, you can be sure that they will be born into a safer environment where they can thrive without any risk of infection.

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Even if you have never had any kids suffer from this condition before, it’s also a good idea to have your house inspected for the presence of mold if you have young children. This has to be professionally done, since detecting such mold can be very tricky especially if very small quantities are involved.