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Top Mold-Proof Bathroom Flooring Materials


Top Mold-Proof Bathroom Flooring Materials

Last Updated on October 8, 2014


Designing a bathroom could be very critical for every homeowner. This is not just because of the difficulty in making design choices but also because of the fact that the bathroom, being a damp area most of the time, is also home to mold and mildew. Mold and mildew, as we all know, thrive in dark, damp places and once these ones form inside the bathroom, you can have a lot of complicated issues coming up next.

We also know very well that it is the bathroom’s floor that is often splattered with huge quantities of water. That makes it more prone to mold infestation too. The good thing to know is that you can now invest in flooring materials that are mold-proof. These materials can at least help prevent mold from forming on your bathroom floors. Look into the following list to know what to expect from each material.

The cheap yet dependable vinyl

Vinyl is one of those building materials you can trust when it comes to constructing a budget-friendly bathroom. This material is also favoured because it is stain-resistant and at the same time, easy to clean. Not to forget that vinyl sheets are easy to install as well. However, you have to take note that water easily gets in between two vinyl sheets and this is where mold build-up becomes a problem. You can then consider using vinyl materials only when they are properly installed and that is the only time you can assure they will be mold-proof.

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Investing in conventional tiles

Conventional tiles are available in different sizes and varieties that will fit your bathroom area very well depending on your specifications. These tiles are also said to be the best materials you can use to decorate your bathroom while also building a sturdy bathroom floor. They are also considered mold-proof. Thanks to the fact that they are stain-resistant and waterproof. They might be quite expensive when compared to other bathroom materials though and can also be difficult to install.

Opting for engineered bamboo

Engineered bamboo is yet one building material you can make use of if you want a mold-proof bathroom. They are considered eco-friendly too thus adding to their extreme likeability in the world of bathroom building materials. They are way cheaper than most other building materials. What makes it even a more convenient choice is the fact that they work well even when the bathroom is too wet plus they can also be easily replaced once a portion is damaged.

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The highly renewable bark tiles

Also known as a cork, bark tiles are said to be very cheap and are great options to consider if you want to go eco-friendly on your bathroom. Like regular tiles, they are waterproof as well as mold-proof too. Installing and maintaining cork tiles on your bathroom floors can be quite tricky though. You need to check for any crack or damage every once in a while. Resealing is also required if you really want it to withstand its mold-proof characteristics.

The durable hardwood

Hardwood is considered one of the great flooring options you can get for your bathroom. It is not only classy and timeless, it is also available in laminated finishes that makes it more durable than other floor types. This is also stain-resistant and is also a great material against mold build-up. The hardwood is a bit more expensive than other flooring materials but once you take care of it then there is an assurance that you can enjoy what you have paid for over a longer period of time.

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Working on other mold-resistant structures for the bathroom

A non-paper faced covering for the wall is recommended if you want to keep the entire structure mold-resistant. An example of such is a gypsum board combined with fiberglass laminate. A concrete board should also be used behind the floor (if a tile is used) and that of the tub. The bathroom must also be given proper ventilation.

Making the entire bathroom mold-proof

Apart from making a choice from among the different types of mold-proof flooring materials, it would also be of help if you pay attention to the different fixtures inside the bathroom. Keep all these fixtures and structures clean at all times. It would also be good to wipe any excess water using a damp cloth. Remember that water building up on the surface can lead to mold thus the best way to prevent that infestation is to make the surfaces dry at all times.

While you have all those mold-proof materials ready for your bathroom construction, remember that there is no perfect chance of avoiding mold contamination. For those of you looking for a way to deal with molds inside your bathroom or in any part of your home, please feel free to contact us at The Mold Guy. We will be more than willing to extend a hand in your mold remediation or mold removal job.