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How To Remove The Toxic Black Mold

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How To Remove The Toxic Black Mold

Last Updated on June 30, 2015

The toxic black mold’s scientific name is Stachybotrys chartarum. Black mold has various effects and it carries a lot of dangers with it. Since there are many types of mold out there it is advisable that you know what type is affecting you. Since many types of these molds have the ability to produce allergens and very harmful irritants you should contact a qualified mold remediation institution. This is because various types of mold can affect a single structure and when you know what particular mold is affecting you, the necessary precautions can be taken. Here is how you can get rid of black mold permanently.

Get to know and understand the mold

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In cases whereby mold gets into a house, it is because of water intruding into the structure. Mold develops at a very quick rate and mold development and growth can take a mere forty eight hours. This is because of the following reasons.

• Mold is almost everywhere. The presence of mold is really widespread, it can be indoors or outdoors.

• It moves through sporation. Its spores are microscopic in size and are mostly blown by the wind, they relocate via air and may enter your house through any opening available. They can make their way into structures through heating systems or even through the pets’ fur. Basically, their size is their greatest weapon.

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• Mold thrives on water or any moist surfaces. The presence of moisture can make mold spore to rapidly develop and they quickly form colonies. These colonies are the creators of the harmful toxins that may affect you, your family and your pets.

• Mold is characterized by a strong odor, which is usually musty, the odor is what can lead you to where the mold in your house is developing,

• When the humidity within a structure is above its required limit, mold can start growing. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that indoor humidity stays below forty five percent.

Recognizing the black mold

The first step in ridding your house of a mold infestation is actually identifying the mold present. You should take a sample of the mold and get it tested before you can take any further precautions. Once you are sure that the mold is in fact toxic black mold you can therefore take steps to get it eradicated.

Do not interfere with the black mold

The biggest error any individual can make is trying to kill or get rid of black mold by him or herself. When you disturb black mold you risk a much bigger problem in the long run. When mold are interfered with the release billions of spores and mycotoxins, the more they release the more serious the damage. This can damage your structure adversely at times even beyond repair. What you should realize is that the aim of black mold removal is not to kill the mold.

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The goal is to completely eradicate the mold from your structure in a way that it will not appear again. Materials that are harboring the black mold should be exhumed and destroyed. The best way is to cut away the entire material as a whole and remove it, this will ensure that the mold do not sense a disturbance.

Hire a specialist

If you want to undertake the process of black mold removal, contact someone with experience in exterminating mold. The most important thing is to ensure that he or she has experience removing black mold not just any other type of mold because they are quite different in their response. The advantage of hiring a company is that they will get rid of the mold while ensuring the mycotoxins and spores are not released into the atmosphere. Also professionals will have the capability to seal off the areas affected by mold while still containing the spread of the black mold. Basically, these companies have the necessary equipment to exterminate the infestation.


Never downplay a black mold infestation

Never underestimate toxic black mold. Most individuals do not think that mold can affect them health wise, but toxic black mold can be more harmful if not taken care of soon. People should know that the mycotoxins produced by mold are very dangerous, dangerous by the fact that they are at times used in biological weapons. As compared to other types of mold, black mold can often leave you with permanent health issues.

It is often recommended that you move away from a mold infested structure. Especially individuals who are showing any toxic symptoms. Look for temporary accommodation, this will reduce the amount of time you are exposed to the black mold. Most importantly, toxic black mold embeds and clings onto objects so it is advisable that you carry the least amount of objects and only move back when the situation is totally under control.

Now that you know the dangers accompanied with black mold infestation, contact us if you want to undertake complete mold removal in Mississauga for your house. A mold-free home is a healthy home!