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Improving Your Indoor Area For Your Baby


Improving Your Indoor Area For Your Baby

Last Updated on November 27, 2013


Having a baby in the home could really be a nice experience. It can be a lot fun especially since you have someone cute to play with. A baby’s laughter and a baby’s scent – these are things that you definitely go crazy for. However, having a baby could also be burdensome especially since babies usually prevent you from getting any sleep. You also have to clean up after them. But again, having a baby could be a great experience and you would want your home to be a perfect abode for your baby.

One of the most common problems that are encountered once a baby is brought home is poor indoor air quality. Babies have to be kept safe from all the air pollutants in your home for their health’s sake. Here are some tips on how to improve indoor air quality for your baby:

• Use healthy paint – It is exciting to have a baby and one of the things that you have probably done recently is to repaint an existing room so that it could be your baby’s nursery. Be careful with the paint you use. Make sure you use paint that passes indoor air quality regulations.

• Keep the windows open – It is always nice to let the fresh air from the outside breeze into the nursery provided that the outdoor air quality is good. Your baby would definitely benefit from fresh outdoor air. Also, letting the windows open could help improve air circulation and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

• Never light up a cigarette – If there is a baby at home, it is best not to light up a cigarette. Doing so would simply pollute the indoor air quality Babies are sensitive to cigarette smoke and most of them which have parents for smokers usually develop respiratory diseases as they grow up. Smoking is not only dangerous for your baby but for you as well so better stop it ASAP.

• Cook well – You should take extreme measures when cooking so that smoke would be prevented. It would be best not to burn or blacken your food. If in case that occurs, make sure the smoke gets out of the house right away by fanning it out of the window.

• Mop up your floors – It is very advisable to mop up your floors. Floor mops could help pick up the dust and dirt which would otherwise float in the air. Dirt and dust could easily get sucked into the lungs of your baby and you would not want that to happen. You might also want to try out those microfiber mops which have been proven to be more effective than traditional mops.

Before you bring a newborn baby, home it would best to hire indoor air quality testers first. Well, for that, you could always rely on The Mold Guy. Our professionals could inspect your home and make sure that air is safe for your baby to breathe. Our quality services result into utmost customer satisfaction!