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Mold Tests Can Help You Find Effective Remedies To Your Mold Problems At Home


Mold Tests Can Help You Find Effective Remedies To Your Mold Problems At Home

Last Updated on September 25, 2016

It is possible to have mold problems in certain parts of your house without your knowledge. That is why it is important to ensure that general cleaning covers every nook and cranny. This helps you to notice anything out of the ordinary so you can take an immediate action to remedy the problem. Essentially, mold tests help you to determine if your home has any mold problem that could lead to health hazards at home. They help you to measure the quality of indoor air and allow you to determine the species of molds present in the air.

Professional services

You can choose to hire professional companies that deal with mold control and eradication to carry out the testing. More often than not, people recommend hiring mold professionals because they not only have the right equipment for services but also offer high qualified personnel who can handle any kind of mold situation in your home. Therefore, you can get the most accurate results and effective remedies by simply hiring mold experts to do the work for you.

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Kits used for mold testing

If you decide to DIY, you will definitely have to get the right mold testing kits to effectively collect mold samples. This is usually a cost-effective method especially if things are not looking good financially. This is because once you have collected the sample for molds in your home, you can send them over to a professional who will do the analysis to come up with an objective conclusion. Once you have sent the mold sample for testing in the mold testing laboratory, you will be able to get accurate results and recommendable solutions to contain the problem.

Multiple tests for mold


You can determine the amount of mold present in a particular area at a certain time. However, the amount of mold in your entire house fluctuates over time depending on factors such as humidity and temperature. In light of that, it is more recommendable to ensure that multiple tests are carried in different locations of the house. This will give you more accurate information on the amount of mold present in your entire home at a particular time. You will be in a position to choose the right measures to get rid of mold.

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When to carry out tests

There are a number of factors that you will have to look out for before you decide to carry out mold testing at home. These actually include mold smells, poor air quality and color of the floor (especially wooden floors) and other surfaces where mold grow. Mold smell is an indication that you have molds at home. There are three types of mold testing procedures carried out in homes and other places are surface testing, air quality testing and bulk testing. You can hire professional mold companies that carry out air quality testing in Toronto if you notice symptoms such as mold smell.

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You should note that mold testing does not stop once the molds have been removed. It is paramount to carry out mold test again after removal process to ensure that there is no mold remaining. When a small amount of mold remains after the removal procedure, it will be all for nothing because the mold will gradually grow and spread in your home. Therefore, you need to have another mold test after mold removal to ensure that there is no trace of them left. Secondly, you need to work on certain areas of your home that seem to be the major host of molds. These areas usually have high humidity or cracks that leak water, which encourage mold to grow.