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What Do You Know About Indoor Air Pollution?


What Do You Know About Indoor Air Pollution?

Last Updated on August 19, 2013

There is always that tendency to relate the term ‘air pollution’ to the outdoor air quality. People know how outdoor air could be polluted easily.  Factors such as the burning of the fossil fuels, the emission of smoke from manufacturing establishments, and the presence of various types of chemicals could all cause the outdoor air to get polluted. And since most people attribute air pollution to outdoor air, they tend to be comforted by the myth that the indoor air is clean and unpolluted. However, indoor air, like the air outside, could be polluted as well.

The causes of indoor air pollution


There are so many factors that could cause indoor air pollution. Basically, indoor air could be polluted because of the presence of chemicals in certain household products. Among the most common pollutants found in household products are formaldehyde and polychlorinated biphenyl. These could be found in various household items including industrial sealants, wire coatings, and even flooring finishes. Formaldehyde is still being used in various wooden products such as flooring, cabinets, beds, and other pieces of furniture.

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Asbesotos is also a very common indoor air pollutant. It is a fibrous mineral which was used to create various household items in the late twentieth century. It turned out that asbestos is really toxic. They could enter the lungs and cause very serious damage. Some of the diseases that asbestos causes include pleural disease, asbestosis, and lung cancer. In Australia, thousands of people have already died after inhaling asbestos.

Another common cause of indoor air pollution is mold. Mold can pollute the indoor air and cause health problems later on. Some of the health problems that molds are responsible for include nasal congestion, asthma, difficulty in breathing, skin irritation, and a whole lot more. Every person inside the household, be it an infant, a child, or an adult, is at risk of being affected by molds.

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The solutions to indoor air pollution

Once symptoms of indoor air pollution are evident, it is very practical to take action against it. It is very practical to seal off certain parts of the home that contain asbestos so that they would not pollute the indoor air anymore. The use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals is very practical as well. One might also want to consider getting indoor air purifiers and even considering some renovations to improve the ventilation of the house. Conducting general cleaning every once in a while could also reduce the amounts of pollutants floating in the air.

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