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Why Indoor Air Quality Can Be A Health Hazard And Tips To Avoid The Risks

Why Indoor Air Quality Can Be A Health Hazard And Tips To Avoid The Risks

Last Updated on July 1, 2016

There are many things that can put your health at risk. In fact, even simple tick bites can lead to organ failure. What more when there are toxic chemicals found in food, right? Well, each day you wake up there can be some things that can put you into a life-threatening situation. Truth is even the indoor air quality in your homes or in any other structures you visit or go to can actually be very lethal to your health.

What affects indoor air quality?

You have HVAC systems that can help regulate the coolness or warmth of the air in your structure as the case may be. You may have also installed air purifiers in almost every room in your home or place of business. You think you are safe from health hazards when this is the case? The answer is a big NO. Even when you are indoors, you can be unsafe as the air can emit VOCs or volatile organic compounds coming from paint, wood glues and even cleaning products.

Here are the more specific causes

Truth be told – indoor air can even be worse than outdoor air. This applies even in highly industrialised cities all over the world. Look at the towering structures like buildings, skyscrapers, condominiums and apartments. Most of these are airtight by nature. They are built that way to help people conserve energy but in the long run, air can be condensed thus posing risks to your health.

We go to the next specific causes that affect indoor air quality which are the more modern technologies like HVAC systems that are being installed today. Yes, they can help regulate or control temperature in any season but in some cases, these systems can actually accumulate toxic molds and distribute their species later most especially when the environment becomes humid.

What makes the situation even worse?

You need HVAC systems especially when your place is commonly hot during summer and very cold during the winter. You decide to have the system installed later on. However, in the process of installation, you may have failed to identify the correct system size that your structure needs. Afterwards, even when the system is correctly installed, another problem is you failed to seek the help of experts to maintain it. When this is the case, expect that heating components will give way to increasing carbon monoxide levels which are truly dangerous to your health.

Specific health hazards of poor indoor air quality

When you fail to plan how your HVAC systems are installed and you also forget to call the help of experts to maintain them, specific dangers can affect you, your family member’s or your employees’ health. Common results will be ADHD, ADD and a host of other autism spectrum disorders. Others can experience deformities in their sexual organs. Obesity and allergic reactions are also very common. All these problems can worsen in the future especially when left unattended.

Avoiding the risks

Indoor air pollution is a problem you must deal with accordingly. It pays to know that structures do have their own share of dust, VOCs, bacteria and particulates. Don’t overreact just because you have read this page. You think the solution will be to have your entire home renovated. Before you even freak out, all you have to do to start with is to have your indoor air tested.

Seek the help of experts in air quality testing in Mississauga and you never have to be worried with possible health hazards that can take place in the future. These professionals can help identify indoor air quality and eventually recommend the most appropriate solutions to your predicament.